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‘Sister Wives’: Kody and Robyn Are Moving — Financial Troubles Force Them To Downsize

Mykelti Padron reveals that her dad, Kody, and his wife, Robyn, plan to move out of Flagstaff and want to downsize to a cheaper home somewhere else. Are they broke?

Sister Wives stars Kody Brown and his wife, Robyn Brown, are planning on moving out of Flagstaff, Arizona, because it’s too expensive. Kody’s daughter, Mykelti Padron, revealed that the Sister Wives couple is looking to find a cheaper home than the one they live in now. Are Kody and Robyn facing financial trouble?

Kody Brown and Robyn Brown during an interview for 'Sister Wives' on TLC.

Kody was in charge of the ‘Sister Wives’ paychecks

In the Mormon fundamentalist group the Browns follow, called the Apostolic United Brethren (AUB), it’s customary for the men to be in charge of the finances. So it was likely Kody, as the head of the household, was in control of how the family’s money was distributed.

The Browns have a company called Kody Brown Family Entertainment, LLC, registered in Nevada. According to Open Corporates, the LLC is still active and lists Kody, and his then-four wives, Janelle, Robyn, Meri, and Christine Brown, as “members.”

It’s likely that through this LLC, the Browns were getting paid by TLC for Sister Wives. It’s estimated that the Browns have been making anywhere from $25,000 to $40,000 per episode. So, throughout 17 seasons and over 200 episodes, they’ve gotten paid anywhere from $5 million to $8 million.

The money from the TLC show would go into the family’s main account, which they would use for bills and big family purchases such as homes and a downpayment for the Coyote Pass land.

But as shown on Sister Wives, Janelle, Christine, and Meri all had side gigs, selling and promoting different products through their social media to provide for their individual families.

Kody and Robyn are struggling financially after ‘Sister Wives’ divorces
Christine announced her divorce from Kody in November 2021, and since then, she has completely separated herself from the rest of the family financially. She even sold her Coyote Pass lot to Kody for $10 to completely sever all ties.

During the Sister Wives Season 17 ‘One-on-One’ reunion, Janelle announced she has been separated from Kody since the summer of 2022. She has reportedly started her own production company, which suggests she is also on the road to financial freedom.

Dayton, Ariella, Robyn, Kody, Solomon, Breanna, and Aurora Brown, ‘Sister Wives’ | TLC

Since Kody and Meri announced the termination of their marriage in January 2023, it’s unlikely that she’s still tied to Kody financially since they’ve been living separately for over a decade.

Meanwhile, Kody and Robyn started their own entertainment company, Dabsark Entertainment, LLC, in Flagstaff, on May 17, 2022.

The name of their company, Dabsark, is an acronym for Kody, Robyn, and their five children — Dayton, Aurora, Breanna, Solomon, and Ariella.

This suggests that the TLC paycheck is being split up and that Kody and Robyn are receiving less financial help since the other wives have separated themselves and their TLC paychecks.

Mykelti says Kody and Robyn are moving out of Flagstaff

Christine and Kody’s 27-year-old daughter, Mykelti Padron, and her husband, Tony Padron, revealed some interesting information on their Patreon account. During the live stream, they answered questions from Sister Wives fans (as captured by Without a Crystal Ball).

Mykelti Brown and her husband, Tony Padron, pose together for a photo as seen on 'Sister Wives’ on TLC.

A fan asked why Kody and Robyn rarely visit them and their three kids. “It’s what, 10 hours away?” Mykelti said about the distance between where she lives in Utah and Kody and Robyn live in Flagstaff, Arizona. “It’s kind of remote,” Tony added. Mykelti hopes that Kody and Robyn move closer to them so they can visit more often.

“I know he wants to,” Tony revealed. “He’s got this itch. He’s been talking about it for a while,” Mykelti said. “He wants a chapter place of living. Flagstaff is absurdly expensive. I know he wants something cheaper, much cheaper,” he concluded.

Are Robyn and Kody moving because of mounting Coyote Pass loans?

The reality TV blogger, Katie Joy, reported that Kody and Robyn have many loans that are due in June 2023. In 2018, the Browns purchased land on Coyote Pass for $880,100, which was purchased in four individual sales. The family paid for the first two lots in full but still owes money on the other two.

Kody and Robyn paid $23,800 down the $170,000 for their 2.42-acre lot. And Kody and Janelle paid $23,800 down on the $170,000 for a 2.42 acres plot. It’s unclear how much is currently owed on these two parcels of land.

In June, the family will be forced to either pay off the remaining amount, sell the lots, or have the lots will be taken back by the lender.

A map of the Brown family's land on Coyote Pass and the divisions for each wife as shown on 'Sister Wives' for TLC.

Since there have never been any permits filed to build on Coyote Pass, this could indicate that Kody and Robyn could be abandoning the dream of building on the land entirely. However, in Sister Wives Season 17, Janelle still had a vision of building a home on the property. Despite being separated from Kody, Janelle could intend to pay off the remaining part of her lot herself.

Kody currently has a business selling firearms at gun shows across the country. And Mykelti claims that Robyn is still selling products from the family’s online jewelry boutique, My Sisterwife’s Closet, despite the website and inventory not being updated since 2019.

Either way, it appears that Kody and Robyn will no longer be able to afford their lifestyle in their $1.5 million cabin in Flagstaff and are ready to downgrade to something more affordable. Where will Kody and Robyn go next?


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