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Sister Wives: Janelle Gives Major Health Advice After Her Secret HOSPITAL Trip!

Janelle Brown has always kept her family a priority. She took great care of their financial needs during her marriage with Kody. The Sister Wives star was the breadwinner of the Brown family for years. Fans felt sad for the celebrity for working selflessly for years. Thankfully, she has started making herself a priority since her split with Kody. Janelle has been doing so well in her career these days.

Sister Wives

She has been doing an incredible job while working for Plexus drinks. Moreover, Janelle has been spending a lovely time with her children and close ones. The star loves sharing inspiring thoughts with her social media fans. Recently, the TLC star shared some major tips on health for her followers. But fans were shocked to hear about her secret hospital trip. Is she fine?

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Shares Important Health Tips With Fans!

Janelle Brown doesn’t shy away from giving her Sister Wives fans the right advice. They love her for sharing meaningful and inspiring messages. However, fans were shocked to hear that their favorite reality TV celebrity made a secret trip to the hospital. Thankfully, she revealed that she was perfectly fine.

She took to Instagram to reveal how people ignore their health. Janelle uploaded a video of herself to explain how busy she has been in the past few weeks. The TLC star talked about attending Christine’s wedding, going on a cruise trip, and later going to Disney World. She was happy about having an amazing time in the past few weeks.

But Janelle accepted that she has been terrible at making doctors’ appointments. She went on to express how easily she put off her health from her list. Further, she added, “Life gets really busy, it’s easy to put it off,” Later, the Sister Wives star revealed about getting her mammogram after skipping it for years.

However, she highlighted how it took only 15 minutes of her busy schedule to take care of her health. The TLC star urged her followers and said, “This year I think we need to all just make sure we take care of ourselves and make those appointments,” Janelle vowed to make her health a priority this year and fans were happy with her decisions. Several fans rushed to the comment section to praise her decision.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Enjoys The Rain At Disney World!

Janelle Brown is well-known for her fun-filled and lively nature. The Sister Wives star started living every moment since breaking ties with Kody Brown. Fans of the series have been following her while she goes on various trips. Recently, she informed her fans about her latest trip to Disney World. Janelle posed in front of Disney World while wearing her raincoat and an umbrella on her head.

She wrote, “Savannah and I made another January trek to Disney World. We had so much fun last year. The reality TV star went on to reveal how the duo froze last year with the cold snap, and it was raining this time. Further, she added, “I’m glad we planned ahead and brought our rain ponchos and umbrellas with us!”


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