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When Exactly Did Leon Brown Transition? Latest Update in Her Transition!

When exactly did Sister Wives star Leon Brown announce their transition? The only child of Kody Brown and former first wife, Meri Brown hasn’t been on the show in a while. Yet, they have been quite active on social media. Then, they made the post sharing that they were transitioning. Additionally, they wanted to now be referred to as “Leon” which was fine by everyone. However, a slip made in the season premiere had viewers questioning the timeline of things. Read on for more details.

Audrey Kriss, Leon Brown-Instagram

Sister Wives When Exactly Did Leon Brown Transition?

Season 18 of Sister Wives premiered on Sunday, August 20 and there was a lot to unpack. A big topic was the impending holidays which was where Season 17 left off. Meri Brown had gone to see Kody’s fourth wife Robyn Brown and they were talking about plans. It was noted that Meri would be around but then Robyn brought up Meri’s child. However, it did not go over viewers’ heads that she used Leon’s dead name. This is the birth name that they went by prior to transitioning. Of course, Twitter blew up, angry with Robyn for being so rude.



Of course, other fans had to look at the timeline. Christine Brown had only been in her Utah home for two months when filming began so this would be the end of 2021. As for when Leon Brown transitioned, that would have been June 28th, 2022 when she made the formal announcement on Instagram. Therefore, Robyn did not do anything wrong but rather this was a production oversight. At least, that is what fans are saying and they believe this one small moment could have been edited out.


It may have been a blink-and-you-miss-it moment but clearly, viewers did not miss this whatsoever. Again, this was all footage from before Leon Brown transitioned so Robyn was not inherently being rude. It was just the situation at the time.

Going Foward

It is unknown if Leon Brown will appear on Season 18 of Sister Wives. However, they were at Gwendlyn Brown’s July wedding and were seen with a mic pack on. Some speculated that maybe they officiated the wedding. Others felt that this moment was filmed for a future episode as almost all of the Brown weddings have had special episodes. The only exception was Janelle’s eldest, Logan Brown. Of course, there could be moments shown from his big day at some point so don’t count it out just yet.

Do you think that TLC should have edited out Robyn using Leon’s dead name or was it simply an oversight?

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