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Sister Wives: Has Meri Brown Got Plastic Surgery Done On Her Face? She Finally Reveals The TRUTH!

Sister Wives star Meri Brown seems to be very active on social media. Well, her latest post became the talk of the town as now fans believe that she had work done on her face. As of now, Meri seems to be enjoying the best days of her life. She is very happy these days and is often seen enjoying bad partying with her friends. Her Instagram is also very active as she is sharing lot more pictures on the platform these days. Fans are now wondering whether Meri got plastic surgery done on her face recently. Keep reading to know more the truth.

Sister Wives

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Slams Plastic Surgery Accusations!

Meri Brown recently posted a picture of herself enjoying Friday night with her friends. Her face held a wide smile, and she looked more jovial and beautiful in the pictures. The glow could not be hidden from the eyes of the fans, and rumors persist that Meri has done work on her face. It’s hard to deny the speculations as the glow on her face suggest that she looks very different now.

Fans took to the comment section, asking her whether she’s had plastic surgery done on her face. As per Tvshowsace, Meri replied to one of such questions with “Nope!” She also said, “just Invisalign and sunburn.” Well, Brown has recently appeared on “Fridays with Friends” alongside her buddies. Moreover, she also shared some of her pictures from the trip on Instagram. They seemed to have fun. However, viewers believe they were drunk. Meanwhile, Meri denies the speculation saying, “No Alcohol necessary. “

Some fans believed that the glow might be the result of her new life. Viewers have speculated that she broke up with Kody and is now finally enjoying her single life. The latest season of Sister Wives is in production right now, so fans are pretty excited to watch what will happen to Meri in the future. TV Season & Spoilers previously highlighted that Sister Wives Season 17 could likely release anytime between September and November of this year.

Sister Wives: Meri Talks About Her Inspiration

Meri Brown is currently running her social media series, Fridays With Friends episodes alongside her BFF Jenn Sullivan. Fans are keeping in touch with life through their social media updates. Moreover, Meri also uses her social media account to promote her independent fashion retailer business called “LuLaRoe.”Her fans have asked her to reveal what is giving her inspiration these days, to which she said, “I read all the time.” She also talked about working with amazing people who inspired her every day. Moreover, the TLC celeb is very motivated and happy these days and is inspiring her fans to be happy too. Viewers are excited for the next season of the show to get more insight into Meri’s life. Are you excited too? Tell us in the comments below.


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