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New Update: Meri Brown Shares New Man Amid Season 18 Debut!

Amid the Sister Wives Season 18 Premiere, Meri Brown shocked everyone by taking to Instagram to show off a new man. Who was this unfamiliar fellow? Had Meri already found herself a boyfriend? Keep reading for the details of who this man was and to see a photo of her with him.Meri Brown making a weird face from YouTube

She’s Ready To Date Someone

Meri, Christine, Janelle, and Robyn Brown all sat down with People Magazine in various exclusive interviews that came out over the past few days. These interviews were all part of a press tour to promote the new season of the series.

As fans know, Christine Brown jumped right into the dating pool after leaving Kody. She found a new man and now she’s getting married. Janelle Brown, however, made it clear pretty quickly that she was NOT interested in dating. She jested that she would revisit the idea in about a decade from now.


Janelle explained that she enjoyed being an independent woman who did what she wanted when she wanted. And, being in a relationship would prevent that. When she did revisit the idea, she admits she would like another plural marriage. But, she isn’t sure there are any men who can handle it.

Meri Brown, however, admits she is very ready to date. She, however, doesn’t share Janelle’s love for plural marriage. Meri Brown explained she was ready for a love that was exclusively for her.


Meri Brown Shares New Man Amid Season 18 Debut

Sister Wives fans were a bit surprised when a photo of Meri with an unfamiliar man popped up on their news feed. Turns out, it was actually Meri Brown herself who shared this photo of herself with a new man on her profile amid the Season 18 debut.

The TLC star explained the highlight of her evening was hanging out with one of her favorite people on the planet. She proceeded to share everything she loved about him. And, she encouraged her followers to find themselves someone as special and amazing. Her post revealed his name was JD Crawford. Unfortunately, his Instagram is private. So, Sister Wives fans were not able to get many other details.

She penned as she shared who he was: “One of my favorite moments from the weekend was hanging out with one of my favorite people! This guy is kind, genuine, and authentic, a true friend.”

“If you don’t have one of these humans in your life, one that has your back, one that no matter what time passes, it’s like no time passed at all, you should get yourself one!”

She concluded her post by noting she could not wait to hit the “stomping grounds” with him again soon.

Sister Wives Fans React To Meri’s Post

Unsurprisingly, fans and followers of Meri Brown were not sure what to make of this post. Was this just a friend? Or, was she soft-launching a boyfriend? Who was this man? Here’s some of what her followers had to say:

  • “Glad you got rid of that other turkey.”
  • “Please tell me you’re more then just friends. He’s hot! You deserve such happiness in your life.”
  • “is this is a soft launch??”
  • “Super thrilled that you are happy. We all strive for that moment. With friends and self reflection.”

Unfortunately, Meri Brown did not respond to any of the questions to clarify the extent of her relationship with her mysterious and beautiful male friend. Her fans, however, were hopeful this was a soft launch.

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