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Sister Wives: Kody Starts Shady New Business With Robyn After Three Divorces!

The Sister Wives star Kody Brown is now in a monogamous marriage. After being a celebrity polygamist for years, he had to undergo three consecutive divorces in a row. In 2021, his third wife, Christine, renounced her marriage, then his second one Janelle also decided to follow the lead. Meanwhile, it was Kody who wanted a split with Meri, resulting in three divorces.

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As per the current scenario, the TLC celeb is left with just his fourth wife, Robyn, and is living in a nuclear family. Amid all this, he has a new business venture named Dabsark. Well, it’s meaning is quite comical, and the situation remains as shady as it can. Keep reading for more details.

Sister Wives: All About Kody & Robyn’s New Business Named Dabsark

Back in the day, the Sister Wives star Kody Brown had a joint venture with all his wives. They had a company named Kody Brown Family Entertainment, LLC which was registered in Nevada. As per Open Corporates, the four wives, Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn, were active members of it. But, it seems that after three divorces, Kody and Robyn have decided to start something of their own. And it doesn’t include the estranged Brown members of the family.

The only legally married couple, Kody and Robyn, have started a new venture named Dabsark Entertainment, LLC. As per the reports, it was registered on May 17, 2022, in Flagstaff, Arizona. Intially, the audience wondered what the term Dabsark meant. But nothing can pass unnoticed by the eagle eyes of Sister Wives fans. Hence, they took this matter to Reddit and revealed that Dabsark is actually an acronym that consists of all the names of Kody’s children that he has with Robyn as per their age. So, Dabsark takes the initials of Dayton, Aurora, Breanna, Solomon, Ariella, while R and K stand for Robyn and Kody, respectively.

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The viewers know that Dayton, Aurora, and Breanna are Robyn’s kids from her previous marriage with David. After her divorce, Kody adopted them by legally divorcing Meri Brown. Though it isn’t clear what actually this new venture is for, it seems that now Kody is trying his best to earn money. Indeed, Christine, Janelle, and Meri earned well and contributed as well. But now the father of 18 is left with only Robyn, who doesn’t earn anything. Hence, there is a fair chance that the Sister Wives star is now trying to cover his losses and hoard money.

Sister Wives: What About Kody’s Remaining 13 Children? Are They Involved In The New Business?

After the viewers decoded the literal meaning of Dabsark, they are now wondering what about Kody’s remaining 13 children. He has a child with Meri, six with Janelle and Christine each, while three are adopted and two biological with Robyn Brown. This makes Kody Brown a father of 18 children. But it seems that he is only on good terms with the family he has with his fourth wife. Over the years, the patriarch’s absence caused estrangement, and their bond deteriorated.

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There have been several instances when he forgot his kids’ birthdays and didn’t wish them. Kody didn’t even go for his daughter Ysabel’s major surgery. In addition to that, during early-pandemic, he wanted everyone to follow his unrealistic rules, which the majority of the Brown kids opposed. Hence, over the years, kids have lost their bond with Kody. In a recent video on YouTube, Christine’s daughter Gwen revealed that most of the kids don’t have a great connection with their father. Hence, now children are more attached to their mothers than their dad.

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