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Kody Is In The Middle Of A MID-LIFE CRISIS! Why?

Kody Brown is quite popular from Sister Wives but not for the right reasons. Since the very beginning, his controlling and patriarchal ways made fans uncomfortable. But in recent years, his wives, Christine, Meri, and Janelle, found their voice and ditched the polygamist. Hence, Robyn is the only one with him, and they are now in a monogamous relationship! They have also accepted their fate, with no intentions to expand their family anymore. Lately, fans have been picking up on some hints, and they strongly believe that Kody might be dealing with a “mid-life crisis.” So, what made them say so?

Sister Wives: Kody To Have A Mental Breakdown In Upcoming Episodes?

Sister Wives: Is Kody Struggling Because Of His Mid-Life Crisis?

The Sister Wives fans are excited to witness the new season in all its glory. By the response the trailer got, fans are sure the new edition is going to be the most dramatic and entertaining one yet. After Christine’s exit, Janelle and Meri are also going to do the same. Thus, after seeing this, many viewers have been saying that Kody is possibly in the middle of a mid-life crisis. After all, three out of four of his marriages failed. Well, there are multiple reasons why fans say so. They spotted several hints.

Most of them looked back and recalled Kody’s blowout in front of the Sister Wives when Christine had announced her decision to leave. He angrily stated, feeling like he got stabbed in the “kidneys.” The star went on to blame himself for all the “sacrifices” he made and his ex-wife. Apart from this, his sense of style also deteriorated in these few years as fans feel he doesn’t make many efforts to look good. Kody also admitted that his divorces were quite heartbreaking. Hence, he doesn’t want to marry again and has given up on polygamy. Because of these reasons, many people from the fanbase feel Kody is definitely going through a midlife crisis.

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Sister Wives: Robyn Fesses Up! Says Life After Kody’s Three Divorces Has Been Hell

Robyn Brown has also been having a very tough time since Kody’s three divorces. She opened up about this in a new promo for the new show. It happened when she expressed that she had “failed.” While referring to her other Sister Wives, Robyn said all of them and their husband made a “commitment.” But since Christine, Meri, and Janelle walked away, the fourth wife feels like they all “screwed up.” Fans will get to know more about her misery and perspective when the new season returns on TLC.

At the same time, Robyn also opened up about her hellish life. She said that no one should be married while going through a divorce while referring to her husband. The star also accused Kody of trying to “self-sabotage” them, too. But she has been trying hard not to let it happen. Do you think Robyn will also walk out and leave Kody? Tell us in the comments below.

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