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New Update: Janelle & Christine Pull Kody Apart in the Next Episode

Sister Wives has Janelle Brown and Christine Brown pulling apart Kody Brown‘s behavior and neither one of them seems to find a redeeming quality for him on the next episode of the TLC series. It is a lunch full of surprises as one co-wife pulls some deep-rooted thoughts out of the other wife. But in the end, they both come to the same conclusion.

Christine Brown Says Her Sister Wife Janelle Gives Her Canning Tips

Sister Wives: Kody Brown’s Ears Ringing?
It looks like Christine Brown and Janelle Brown are very aware of restaurant espionage as mum is the word when the waitstaff comes within earshot. With the Sister Wives cameras rolling they’re like sitting ducks for eavesdropping.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - Janelle Brown

So, the people working there likely have a good idea about what’s going on. It’s not unheard of for something to leak when a passerby in public happens to see or overhear a celebrity. So, these two ladies took precautions.

This week on the Sister Wives episode, you can see Christine change the subject when the waitstaff hovers nearby. But as soon as they’re gone, both she and Janelle get right back to the subject at hand… Kody Brown.

Christine Brown and Janelle Brown Pinpoint the Problem

Who wouldn’t want to be the third person at this table, as Christine and Janelle seem to have a lot of fun? But they have something in common that their audience doesn’t. They both happened to marry Kody Brown.

The two of them talk about what has changed and they both decide it was Kody Brown who became a different man. Janelle is still not 100 percent ready to call it quits for good. Or is she?

Sister Wives: Kody Brown
Sister Wives | TLC

The one thing Janelle won’t do is live under a patriarchal rule, which she sees Kody doing today. He wants a wife to follow his direction whether she agrees with it or not.

Robyn Brown made it very clear that she is willing to do that a few times previously on the show. Plus Kody also said on Sister Wives that his youngest wife and her children are willing to abide by his wishes.

Sister Wives: Janelle & Christine Talk About Kody’s Deficits

As far as Janelle Brown, as well as Christine Brown, are concerned, Kody Brown lost his spunk. He’s no longer the same guy who likes to have fun. He is not the light-hearted guy they married.

Then these two Sister Wives women talked about his attractiveness today. While Janelle is still attracted to Kody, Christine isn’t. She doesn’t like what he’s turned into.


So, unlike Janelle, Christine couldn’t possibly love a man with the traits Kody possesses today.

Kody thinks Janelle is after him for his pecs and abs. So while Janelle Brown takes the thought of a reconciliation seriously, it seems Kody doesn’t at all.

The latest preview clip didn’t have either one of these women mention Kody’s fourth wife as the cause of this. But, both these Sister Wives moms said previously how things changed when Robyn joined the family.

Sunday night’s Sister Wives rolls out with Janelle Brown and Christine Brown airing their grievances about Kody Brown. Christine has left him and living in Utah at this point. But Janelle is fresh off kicking Kody Brown to the curb for a “separation” on Season 18 of this TLC series.

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