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‘SW’ Christine & Janelle Leave No Crumbs As Kody’s Kidneys Ache

Christine and Janelle Brown of TLC’s Sister Wives ate up and left no crumbs in their recent updates to Instagram. And, fans of the reality TV family agree Kody Brown’s kidneys are probably aching and bleeding at this point. What exactly did these former lovers of Kody Brown post that has fans thinking he’s probably punching the air and hunched over in pain? Keep reading and check out what they posted down below.

Janelle, Christine/YouTube

Christine & Janelle Leave No Crumbs As Kody’s Kidneys Ache

Sister Wives fans were left drooling after Christine and Janelle took to Instagram to share how dressed up they were while attending Plexus event in Nashville. Both lovely ladies pulled out their best dresses and ate while leaving no crumbs as they commanded the attention of everyone in the room.

Janelle Brown rocked a snug dark purple dress with a sweetheart neckline covered with a black translucent mesh material. The collar of the dress was adorned with sparkling and shimmering gemstones. Jenelle had a huge smile on her face as she flashed just a hint of cleavage in her stunning dress. In the comments, fans of Sister Wives agreed she looked a bit like Marilyn Monroe.

Standing next to her, Christine Brown rocked a gorgeous velvet black dress that hung off the shoulders with an extremely low neckline that left little to the imagination.

Janelle Brown - Christine Brown - Maddie Brush - Instagram
Janelle Brown – Christine Brown – Maddie Brush – Instagram

With both Janelle and Christine Brown oozing s*x appeal, Sister Wives fans agreed Kody’s kidneys had to be aching after getting a look at this sizzling photo and sexy display of skin.

Not to be outdone by her mothers, Maddie Brush was also putting on a busy display in a snug light blue ensemble with a deep v-neck cut that allowed her to showcase a generous amount of cleavage. Maddie paired the gorgeous blue number with large hoop earrings.

All three of these lovely ladies had huge smiles on their faces as they were clearly being treated right by Nashville.

Christine Brown - David Woolley - Instagram
Christine Brown – David Woolley – Instagram

One fan jokingly penned: “Someone’s kidneys are NOT okay after this pic.”

“I just know Kody punching the air right now. How much more can his kidneys possibly take?” A second chimed in.

Overall, fans thought the ladies looked great and Kody was regretting his choices.

Do you agree that Christine and Janelle Brown really ate up and left no crumbs with their latest Instagram posts? Moreover, do you agree that Kody Brown is probably kicking himself over what he’s lost? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more news on Sister Wives.

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