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General Hospital Star Nancy Lee Grahn Defends Haley Pullos ‘Straight A Student’

It looks like she’s a tough mama bear both on screen and off. General Hospital star Nancy Lee Grahn went on the record to defend her former co-star Haley Pullos, despite the fact that she’s currently serving time for her DUI. Last year, Haley was charged with one felony count of DUI that caused injury and one felony count for having a blood alcohol level of .08 or higher. The person who was hit in the other car, Courtney Wilder, has filed a lawsuit against the actress. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

General Hospital Star Nancy Lee Grahn Defends Haley Pullos ‘Straight A Student’

Nancy, who has always been Haley’s biggest defender, went on her X (formerly Twitter) account to write, “For those who wished for Haley to be punished with no exceptional treatment, u’ll be relieved to know that she’s in Max security solitary confinement along side hardened criminals. She’s isolated except for 1 hr a day where she has phone privileges.. today with me…”

The actress then continued, “I couldn’t have been more impressed with her strength, her resolve, her accountability. NOT ONE COMPLAINT. Not one “Why me” She’s taking it all and it’s ALL beyond horrible… with stoicism & grace. I am SO incredibly proud of her. Id also like to add that much of what you read about her was not true. She’s always been respectful, an A student, never got into a lick of trouble ever & made a terrible terrible mistake 1 night.”

Nancy then added, “It is hard to discern the truth when the media is for sale. What’s true is Hayley drank excessively and got in a car. She is paying for that while at the same time assisting her victim in getting as much compensation as possible. Thank God all parties have and will survive” while also saying, “How’d you do in 90 days solitary? It was an injured man that has fully recovered and being assisted by Haley to get as much as possible, compassion is a good thing for all. Even her victim has it for her.”

General Hospital News: Nancy Lee Grahn Opens Up About Haley’s Time In Jail

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