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Sister Wives: Fans Shower Love On Evie & Avalon’s Cute Moment!

Sister Wives fans have seen several good and bad moments of the Brown family during the years. Kody Brown and his large polygamous family ruled the TV screens for years. They welcomed several new family members, including their grandkids. Christine and Janelle held a very special place in each other’s hearts.

Sister Wives

They continued their friendship even after breaking ties with the polygamous family. Fans love to see how their kids and grandkids interact and spend time with each other on various occasions. Christine and David’s wedding special episodes showcased a lot of sweet moments between the family. Fans enjoyed a lot to see everyone together. However, Christine and Janelle’s granddaughters Evie and Avalon turned heads for their wholesome moment.

Sister Wives: Avalon & Evie Steal The Limelight With Their Wholesome Moment!

Christine Brown has been making headlines these days for her wedding special episodes. Fans enjoyed seeing her walking down the aisle with David. The Sister Wives star shared a lovely time with her children, along with Janelle’s children. All of them came together to celebrate the TLC star’s special day.

Undoubtedly, the wedding had a lot of wholesome moments. However, Avalon and Evie became the center of attention with their cute moment. Janelle’s daughter, Maddison Brown, also attended the wedding with all her kids. Fans of the series already know that Evie and Mykelti’s daughter Avalon have a special bond.

The duo are of the same age group and enjoy a lot with each other. Fans were happy to see all of the grandchildren walk down the aisle together to display their excitement for Christine’s wedding. Later, the entire family had a dance together to enjoy the evening. But Avalon and Evie grabbed attention when the two danced adorably.

Sister Wives

They looked extremely happy while enjoying the event. The sweetness and innocence of the two drew Sister Wives fans to the moves of the little girls. Fans gushed over the two kids for their wholesome moment. One fan wrote, “The shot of Avalon and Evie playing together was the sweetest thing.”

Meanwhile, others noted, “I love that Janelle and Christine were able to sit there and watch their grandchildren play together.” Further, a different fan felt that the TLC stars lived the dream of Robyn of watching their grandchildren from the porch.

Sister Wives: What Are Avalon & Evie Upto These Days?

Sister Wives stars Maddison and Mykelti both are the mothers of three kids. The former’s daughter, Evie, has a special condition known as FATCO syndrome. Previously, she informed her fans that her daughter has a rare medical syndrome where bones in extremities do not fully develop.

But the TLC star is glad to see that her daughter is confident about herself despite knowing her condition. Meanwhile, Mykelti’s daughter Avalon has been doing really well since she became a sister of her twin siblings. Mykelti keeps sharing her daughter’s updates and reveals her new shenanigans.

Sister Wives

Recently, she revealed how the little girl has developed a habit of shouting and screaming, which has been testing her patience. Mykelti often expresses how much she struggles to control herself despite thinking that Avalon is just a toddler.


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