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Sad News: Janelle Brown Breaks Down In Tears, Admits Depression

Janelle Brown breaks down to tears in a new Sister Wives trailer while admitting she’s both depressed and trapped. What has the TLC star feeling this way? Keep reading for a recap on the trailer or scroll down to watch the heartbreaking clip.

Janelle Brown - Sister Wives - YouTube

Janelle Brown Breaks Down In Tears, Admits Depression

In a new Sister Wives trailer dropped hours ago, Janelle Brown crumbles into tears. She tells everyone she is depressed. She also feels trapped. Trapped in plural marriage with no way out financially. Janelle explains her situation is very different from Christine’s because Christine’s house was in her name. So, she was able to sell the house and use the money to get out. Janelle, however, doesn’t have a house.

In fact, Janelle shares that everything her name is attached to also has the name of someone else in the family. And, she feels like she’s in a place where no one is going to play ball to help her.

Janelle Brown talking to Christine on Sister Wives / YouTube

Becoming even more emotional, Janelle Brown shares that she never thought she would be forced to choose between Kody and her children. She asks what kind of person would pose that question. Moreover, Janelle continues to cry as she says she doesn’t recognize the man she’s married to. The mean man she calls her husband. She recognizes it is possible this is always the type of man he was. But, it didn’t use to be this way.

Kody Brown Says She’s The Mean One

According to Kody Brown, he just wants to have a civil conversation with Janelle Brown. He, however, can’t seem to do that without her telling him to “f*ck off.” Kody insists he isn’t looking for an apology or for someone to be right and someone to be wrong. He just wants to sit down and have a civil conversation with her. And, he can’t. Kody explains that from his point of view, she is being the mean and nasty one by cursing him out.


Is This Financial Abuse?

During the clip, Janelle Brown claims she feels stupid because she allowed herself to get into this mess. In the comments, her followers argue that Janelle is a lot of things but she’s not stupid. Some fans add that what she describes feels like financial abuse.

Many Sister Wives fans tell her to consider writing a tell-all book. Other fans chimed in to agree she would make a killing as fans would flock to buy the book. Unfortunately, an NDA with TLC likely prevents this from being something Janelle could even think about doing.

Janelle Brown from Sister Wives, TLC Sourced from YouTube
Janelle Brown from Sister Wives, TLC
Sourced from YouTube

There were even some fans who accused Robyn and Kody of financial abuse for the way they were treating Janelle.

Overall, fans were heartbroken watching Janelle spiral into a deep sadness. And, they hoped she was about to find a way to break away and find happiness again.

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