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TRULEY OK? Sister Wives fans concerned for Christine Brown’s daughter Truley, 13, after noticing ‘sad’ detail in family photo

This comes after Christine and David Woolley's wedding special

SISTER Wives fans have been left worried for Christine Brown’s daughter Truley due to her appearance in a new photo.

Christine, 51, took to Instagram and shared her family outing to the Medieval Times show.

In the group shot, the Sister Wives star posed with her new husband, David Woolley, 59, as they gathered other family members.

Sister Wives fans were left concerned for Christine Brown's daughter Truley

Although Truely, 13, appeared in the photo, she stood far from the group as if she preferred to be alone.

The teen donned an all-black ensemble as she wore a matching beanie over her head.

In another snap, the mother/daughter posed close together, but the Truley seemed to force a smile.

“We need one of these in Utah!” Christine captioned the post.

“Dinner and a show for all ages with audience participation and lots of cheering. Such an epic time!”

In the comments section, fans noticed the sad detail of Truely being apart from the happy group.

“Beautiful, but why is truly standing off to one side by herself? Teenage angst?” one person asked.

Another explained: “I have a 17-year-old that is very uncomfortable in front of the camera.

“He stands off to the side in most group pics. I’m just happy he’s in them.”

“Why is Truely always away from everyone?” another asked.

A fourth person wrote: ” I used to do that like Truely because I thought it was funny to spite my family.”

A commentator chimed in: “My god, Truely is grown! But did she have any fun?

“Hope Truely is growing out of her awkward phase while still being herself.”

Christine and her ex-husband Kody, 54, share six children: Mykelti, 27, Aspyn, 28; Paedon, 25; Gwendlyn, 22; Ysabel, 20; and Truely.

Fans noticed Truley standing apart from Christine's group in a family photo at Medieval Times


Christine’s post came after viewers assumed there were marital problems during the installments of Christine and David’s wedding, which aired in a Sister Wives special.

In early October 2023, the couple tied the knot at the Red Cliffs Lodge Hotel in Moab, Utah.

Although there were roughly 330 guests at the nuptials, multiple Brown family members did not attend the wedding.

Kody and his last remaining wife, Robyn, 45, were not invited.

Although Kody’s ex Janelle, 54, attended, his ex Meri, 52, was also not invited to the event.

Gwendolyn was not present at her mother’s second wedding.


In early January, The U.S. Sun revealed Christine’s daughters Ysabel and Aspyn have refused to get attached to their new step-father.

“They 100 percent have their guard up,” a source told The U.S. Sun.

“The reason why the girls are not into him is because they refuse to get attached.”

The insider speculated, “They have some doubts and believe it’s not going to last.”

“That’s not them trying to say, ‘We wish our mom bad or we don’t want her to be happy,’ they just understand that naturally, you have to get over your first heartbreak before you can move on with someone new,” the source concluded.


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