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GENERAL HOSPITAL Spoilers: Will Charlotte Survive?

In the aftermath of Anna shooting Charlotte, this week’s GENERAL HOSPITAL episodes are going to be emotional and fraught with drama! Who will get to the truth first?

GH Liz Dante Anna Robert

Having been shot at, her house burned down, and her belongings destroyed, Anna has been on edge for a while now. So when she entered the apartment she was subletting from Maxie and found a shadowy intruder aiming something at her, she fired first!

As the cops investigate, Dante takes point. “She claims when she left her apartment, she locked the door,” he explains to Jordan and Robert. “When she got back, the door was unlocked. She thought she saw an intruder with a weapon… she fired.”

At the hospital, Jake is worried about Charlotte and fears the worst. “Is she gonna be okay?” he asks his mother. But will Liz have anything reassuring to share with him?

GH Dante Cop
Can Dante figure out the truth behind what happened to Charlotte?ABC

News of the shooting spreads around Port Charles, and there’s one question that’s on everyone’s mind. “The big question is,” Gregory says to Alexis, “what was Charlotte doing in that apartment?”

Overwhelmed with guilt, Anna struggles to process the events that led to this tragic situation. And it looks like whatever Valentin tells her doesn’t help because she hauls off and smacks him across the face!

Will Charlotte survive? And can Anna and Valentin’s relationship survive? All that and more this week on GH!

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