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GH Spoilers For The Week Of October 30, 2023: Ava Hears A Shocker, Valentin Panics Over Charlotte

General Hospital Spoilers For The Week Of October 30, 2023, reveal that Sonny will have a heart-warming reunion with old friend Lois. He will also have a heart-to-heart with Laura. It is likely that they will discuss Cyrus’ situation, as well as, Charlotte’s. Elsewhere, Austin will feel overwhelmed with how things are falling apart for him. Meanwhile, Ava learns a shocking news that will have her spiraling. Also, watch out for Neddie getting some much needed support from Olivia. It looks like she really has fallen in love with his new version. Lois too will push him towards his wife. Does that mean a love triangle is not happening? Only time will tell! Keep reading to find out what Willow tells Michael!

General Hospital

Valentin Struggles With Charlotte, Ava Is Stunned By Unexpected News

The Cassadines have a long standing history of creating chaos in Port Charles on General Hospital. However, seeing sweet little Charlotte to be such a terror is truly unexpected. But it seems like she is doing it all under Victor’s influence. Unfortunately, according to the spoilers, her reign of terror will continue against Anna. Which will continue to keep Valentin really uncomfortable as he tries to pacify Charlotte, and keep Anna safe at the same time. But will he really be able to do so? Since Charlotte is about to unleash a really evil ploy!

General Hospital
GH/ Valentin feels trapped

Further, General Hospital spoilers for the week of October 30, 2023, reveal that Austin will try to drown his sadness in alcohol. He will feel overwhelmed by Cyrus’ incessant demands. Meanwhile, Ava shunning him is doing him no favors either. Speaking of Ava, she will have a meeting with Laura Collins. She will be stunned when Laura tells her that Nik made a withdrawal at a bank in person. Thus, signifying that he is very much alive. How will Ava react to this shocker?

Later, Laura will also have a meeting with Sonny. The two have a long standing friendship and a reunion is long due. Viewers can expect Laura to fill him in on the ongoing crisis with Charlotte, and have a Cyrus related discussion. But will she also tell him about Nik? That remains to be seen.

General Hospital Spoilers: Trina Is Startled, Michael Struggles With Nina’s Secret

Cyrus’ release will continue to create horrific ripples across Port Charles. He will pay an unannounced visit to Carly, which will not go very well and she will give him an ultimatum to stay away from her and her family. He will also cross paths with Trina and leave her rattled. So much so, that she will begin to have nightmares over it. Thankfully, she will find some comfort in the fact that Spencer is making efforts to back off from Ace Cassadine for her sake. So she will let her appreciation over it be known!

GH/ Trina feels shook by Cyrus

General Hospital spoilers or the week of October 30, 2023, reveal that Michael will finally make up his mind about Nina and her secret. He will decide not to tell Sonny , Willow or anyone else about it. Instead, he tells Nina that she will now have to do her bidding. We wonder what all Mikey might want Nina to do?

However, he will soon go back to being double minded about it when Willow confides in him regarding Nina. She will tell him how happy she is about giving Nina a second chance. Not just Mikey, but even we are wondering what will happen when Willow finds out what Nina did!

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