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General Hospital: Bonnie Burroughs On Her Way Back? Actress Reveals

The comings and goings of characters are quite usual on General Hospital. But sometimes they return when you least expect it. Initially, Bonnie Burroughs (Gladys Corbin) was only supposed to stick around for a short time, just a few days, but it didn’t turn out that way. However, she said her goodbyes in the October 5, 2023, episode.

But here’s where it gets interesting— Gladys didn’t meet a dramatic end like many soap characters often do. She wasn’t written off with a tragic demise, leaving a door wide open for endless possibilities. She didn’t get killed, which has General Hospital fans wondering if she might return one day.  It’s like a secret waiting to be revealed. So, what’s the scoop? Could Gladys return?

General Hospital: Will Gladys Make A Comeback? Bonnie Burroughs Weighs In

When Bonnie Burroughs took on the role of Gladys Corbin on General Hospital, she didn’t expect the character’s journey to extend beyond a few days. Nevertheless, Gladys’s existence in Port Charles turned into a multi-year rollercoaster. She made her exit in the October 5, 2023, episode. But the question on fans’ minds is whether Gladys could stage a return in the future. After all, she wasn’t killed off.

In a recent interview with Soap Opera Digest, Bonnie Burroughs teased the possibility of Gladys sneaking back into Port Charles at some point. She shared a humorous exchange with her co-star Cynthia Watros (Nina), who commented, “At least you’re not getting decapitated!” Gladys may not be meeting a cruel end, which leaves the door open for her return. General Hospital is known for its wild storylines, and as Burroughs noted, “anything can happen.”

Burroughs also expressed her affection for the messy character of Gladys, a habitual liar who couldn’t quite get her act together. She played Gladys brilliantly, especially during the character’s darker moments. The actress explained how her own life as a “good-girl Girl Scout” made her desire to play a character like Gladys in General Hospital.

While the future of Gladys Corbin remains uncertain, one thing is clear: Bonnie Burroughs would be thrilled to take up the role. General Hospital fans still have to see if Gladys ever resurfaces in Port Charles. Are you hoping for her eventual return? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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