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Case Against Robyn: Has Kody’s Name Been Removed From The House He & Robyn Share?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown and Robyn are the only ones who are still sticking together after Christine, Janelle, and Meri left their plural marriage dynamics. They live in a huge mansion with a hot tub, which the patriarch finds very comfortable. Hence, he ended up living there during the entire COVID-19 phase.

Sister Wives

He even neglected his other wives’ residences just because of the luxurious life that Robyn’s house offered him. However, recently, viewers were in shock when reports started to claim that Kody is no longer the owner of the home he shares with Robyn! Is this true? What is the ultimate truth?

Sister Wives: Is Kody Still The Joint Owner Of The House He Shares With Robyn?

Lately, there have been several reports claiming that Sister Wives stars Kody and Robyn are now having a turbulent marriage. They were reported to be facing many issues in their relationship because of three consecutive divorces. Amid all this, some sources started to profess that Kody is no longer the owner of the house he shares with Robyn.

Moreover, it added that now the property is under Robyn’s name, who was allegedly going with her maiden name, Sullivan! This was a shock for the viewers, who started to wonder what the actual truth was!

Recently, a famous blogger named Katie Joy decided to clear the air. She added that she had already checked Coconino County Eagle Web Property Records and unveiled the truth. She revealed that Kody and Robyn from Sister Wives are still “joint owners” of their home and “adjacent lot.”

The source declared, “No changes have been made.” She further clarified that, as per the records, there are no results when it comes to the name “Robyn Sullivan.” So, this made it clear that Kody’s only wife was neither using her maiden name nor was she the sole owner of the house. Moreover, the noted blogger stated that all the sources claiming otherwise are completely “false.”

Disclaimer: The opinions and claims made by the mentioned blogger [Katie Joy] are not representative of TV Season & Spoilers’ views or beliefs. Any references to the blogger’s claims in our news articles are purely informational and do not reflect our position or endorsement.

Sister Wives: What About Coyote Pass Property? Who All Are The Owners Of It Now?

Kody Brown purchased a huge mass of land in Coyote Pass. He did so with the dream that all his Sister Wives would build their houses and live together. However, soon, he had to undergo three divorces, which changed the entire dynamics of the show.

Apparently, when Christine was leaving, she ended up washing her hands off the infamous property by selling her portion to Kody for just $10! So, after watching Janelle and Meri also parting ways with the latter, viewers wondered what the current ownership status was of the Coyote Pass land!

Sister Wives

As per the current scenario, Janelle and Meri are still the owners of the Coyote Pass property, just like Kody and Robyn. They haven’t given up their land to the latter couple, and viewers are wondering what next would come. Recently, a user asked the same to the noted blogger in the comments, “What about Coyote Pass?.”

The former was quick to reveal, “Nothing has changed at all.” Hence, now it would be interesting to know how Meri and Janelle would be dealing with their share in the family property.

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