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‘Sister Wives’: Robyn Brown Claims Kody Saves Face by Dumping ‘This’ on Her

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown blames Kody Brown for an irritating display when she wears the hat of the family enforcer. As the Browns get together for a picnic, Kody lays down the strict rules. He’s adamant about everyone remaining six feet apart from each other.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Robyn Brown

But, the way Kody Brown makes sure his kids abide by these rules soon has fans finding this a bit irritating. The enforcing task went to the fourth wife instead of the Sister Wives papa.

Sister Wives: Eyes Roll as Robyn Brown Squeals

The older Sister Wives kids complained about their dad’s insistence of distance between family members. But three of the offspring in attendance didn’t seem to care. Although why should they, their time was spent playing together after months of being kept apart. So, with the family gathering for a relaxing picnic on Coyote Pass, the relaxation was short-lived.

That’s except for Truely Brown, 11, Solomon Brown, 10, and Ariella Mae Brown, 6, who have too much fun to keep themselves in check for distance. But it’s obvious by Kody Brown’s facial grimaces that he’s peeved that the kids ignore his social distancing rules. Then it was up to Robyn to let them have it.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Robyn Brown

While Kody Brown shouts a little bit, Robyn Brown is the one you mostly hear. You can hear the youngest Sister Wives mom over and over again. She orders the kids to keep away from each other. Even Robyn knew she sounded like an overbearing mother. She also said that’s one thing she doesn’t want to be.

TLC’s Robyn Blames Kody Brown

When Robyn sat alone in front of the camera she admits she sounds like an overcautious mother who won’t let up. But she blames this on the Sister Wives patriarch. He made the rules and for some reason, she needs to enforce them.

Robyn also tells the kids that if they stay apart like their father asked, their dad will see them do this. Then he’ll let everyone get together again. As Soap Dirt suggested in the past, you need to keep in mind that editing plays a big part in what you see when watching the Sister Wives series. This seems especially true for promos.

So, it’s hard to decipher if Robyn is as bad as she sounds. They may have clumped her shouting directions together for drama. But Robyn seems to think she sounded as if she harped too much on the kids. Still, many of the Sister Wives fans believe it is Robyn Brown driving the bus on the rules with Kody following her lead.

She constantly yelled at the kids to move away from one another. Although she blames Kody for this, you can’t help wonder about the urgency in her voice. Is it because she’s afraid Kody might fly off the handle over the kids getting too close? Or is she worried the proximity puts her kids in danger and she is the one delivering this constant barrage of instructions?

Sister Wives: Others Demonstrate the Foolishness of It All

Janelle Brown already described Kody’s social distancing protocol with the family as being “uber, uber, uber” cautious. Meri Brown demonstrated how foolish an air hug from six feet away looks, and Christine flat out just won’t agree with her husband’s lock-down.

Then Kody Brown turns and blames the Sister Wives‘ mothers for this predicament today. He believes it’s the fault of two of his wives for allowing their kids to hang out with their friends and go to work.

Christine and Janelle’s kids didn’t socially isolate. So, Kody seems to believe the other mothers and kids besides his and Robyn’s unit are not safe to be around. But he mentions two kids by name, Gabriel Brown, 20, and Hunter Brown, 24. So, there’s not much these moms can do.

It’s not that anyone in the family is denying COVID is serious. But what they rebel against is the split in the Sister Wives family created by Kody’s rules. So, while Robyn blames her shared husband for all of this, Kody Brown blames two of his other Sister Wives.


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