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Congratulations! Finally? Robyn Brown is pregnant Again

Robyn Brown has always been a controversial person among Sister Wives fans. She is the only wife who is still tolerating Kody and is in a monogamous marriage with him. The celeb already shares two biological kids with the latter, and he has adopted three of her children from her previous marriage.

Amid all this, viewers were in shock when they saw a major hint about Robyn being pregnant for the 6th time! Is this true? Is Kody still busy growing his family and will have his 19th kid? What is the couple up to now?

Sister Wives: Is Robyn Pregnant With Her 6th Child?

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown has often been accused of hiding a foster child in her home. There were rumors claiming that she had a child during the lockdown years and has been hiding the kid from the world since then. However, these speculations soon came to an end because there wasn’t any proof for the same.

Amid all this, viewers were in shock when they saw Robyn throwing a major hint at her 6th pregnancy. Soon, a Reddit thread started and discussed the same. As per the OP, during a recent episode, Robyn was trying to cover up her waistline with a pillow.

The thread further pointed out Robyn’s size. It stated, “If you look at her size in her waist she looks pregnant.” The OP also reminded Sister Wives viewers about the celeb’s dream of having a “dark-haired little boy.” This made the majority of fans wonder if Robyn had fulfilled her dream and was perhaps pregnant now.

However, there were some viewers who believed otherwise. Someone explained that getting pregnant at this age is a huge task. On the other hand, several users stated that people have a tendency to keep pillows on their lap as they make them comfy. So, there is a fair chance that this was a coincidence, and Robyn didn’t have any ulterior motive behind keeping a pillow and hiding her waistline.

Sister Wives: Kody & Robyn Share Major Life Update!

Sister Wives Season 18 featured Kody and Robyn’s lives turning upside down. They are no longer in a polygamous marriage and are struggling to deal with the dynamics. After all this, the couple recently gave a major life update and shared how their lives have been going on lately.

Kody explained that now he feels that he needs to work on rebuilding his confidence. He is trying to get to the point where he can forgive people who didn’t do good to him. Hence, the celeb is considering moving ahead with love, grace, and forgiveness in his pocket.


On the other hand, Robyn also talked about how Kody has changed after three divorces. She added that the latter is full of emotions, anger, and frustration, which has changed him as a person. The celeb also explained that the last few years had left an evident impact on her husband.

But Robyn believes that Kody has undergone a lot. She admitted that all these dynamics were temporary and that things would soon fall into place.


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