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Janelle Brown Says Robyn Brown Being Treated as a ‘Victim’ by Kody Brown Makes Reconciliation Hard

Janelle Brown sat down to discuss the breakdown of her marriage on ‘Sister Wives.’ She revealed she can’t get over how Kody Brown treats Robyn Brown like a victim.

On Sister Wives, a lack of intimacy, concerns about the treatment of their children, and Kody Brown’s general attitude have been cited by his wives for the breakdown of the plural family. Until now, the sister wives who have opted to leave Kody Brown have kept things pretty vague. With season 18 in full swing, they are getting a lot more specific. In the most recent episode of the series, Janelle Brown revealed that she can’t overcome the way Kody chooses to treat Robyn as if she has been a victim of her sister wives. That dynamic makes reconciliation between Kody Brown and Janelle Brown unlikely. Her sister wives mostly agree with her.

Janelle Brown reveals the one thing that prevents her from entertaining reconciliation

After their separation, Janelle seemed largely done with her plural marriage. Kody insisted the marriage could be fixed and even revealed that he and Janelle had split two or three times before but always worked it out. This time around, reconciliation isn’t in the cards for Kody Brown and Janelle Brown. In a confessional during the Oct. 1 episode of Sister Wives, Janelle revealed that the way Kody treats Robyn is a significant stumbling block to her considering reconciliation.

Janelle has clearly been holding serious resentment toward Kody and Robyn. The mother of six revealed Kody thinks Robyn is “the sweetest” person who ever came into the family. She said that Kody has always behaved as if Robyn did nothing wrong. Janelle went on to suggest Kody believes Robyn has been victimized by the other wives. She said she could not exist inside a plural marriage where one wife is so vehemently defended.

Christine Brown agrees with Janelle

It comes as no surprise that Christine Brown agrees with Janelle’s assessment. Christine began making noise about Kody’s treatment of Robyn years before she opted to end her marriage. Seasons ago, she noted that she wasn’t interested in living in one big house because she didn’t wish to see her husband having a “full marriage” with Robyn and not her.

Later, Christine revealed Kody had spent just a handful of days with her following the move to Flagstaff. This season, she’s made it clear that she left her marriage because Kody Brown had a clear and obvious “favorite” wife. Inequitable treatment was the final blow to her plural lifestyle.

Meri has been subtly shading Robyn, but remains tactful

While Janelle and Christine have been very open about pointing fingers at Kody’s treatment of Robyn as the reason their marriages fell apart, Meri has been a bit more diplomatic. The small business owner, admittedly, has had the closest relationship with Robyn since she joined the family in 2010. There appears to be some leftover loyalty lingering. Still, she’s been subtly shading Robyn.

Meri Brown is seen in a confessional during season 18 of 'Sister Wives'
Meri Brown | TLC/YouTube

In the Oct. 1 episode, Meri sat down with Robyn to discuss her plans to move to Utah. While the chat was friendly enough, Meri did point out that they hadn’t chatted in a “long time” to kick things off. Later, Meri chided Robyn for not reaching out. She also expressed her frustration in a private confessional. While Meri hasn’t come out and said Kody favored Robyn, she might as well have.



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