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Janelle’s Bitterness Over Money’s Eating Her Alive in Season 18

  • Janelle’s financial situation has become difficult after investing in Coyote Pass, while Kody seems unconcerned about it.
  • Janelle’s loyalty to Kody has wavered as their relationship problems have surfaced, and she may consider leaving due to financial neglect.
  • Janelle’s kids have noticed that Kody favors Robyn and her children, and they are unhappy with his parenting style and distribution of resources.

Sister Wives - Janelle's Bitterness Over Money's Eating Her Alive in Season 18 (Doesn't Kody Care?)

Sister Wives Janelle Brown is having a rough time financially after putting her assets into Coyote Pass, while Kody may not even care about his estranged wife’s issues. Janelle, who has been struggling throughout Sister Wives season 18, has been open about the fact that the land she invested in with Kody and her fellow sister wives has been a financial disaster. Though Janelle was excited to build her dream home on the land, and ultimately have a place to call her own with her family, her relationship with Kody has shifted tremendously, leaving her uncertain about her future.

After sinking the majority of her finances into Coyote Pass in order to ensure that they had the land to build on, Janelle has been left feeling awful about where she stands with money. Unlike Robyn, Janelle has had to live with less in the years that the family has been working up to purchasing and building on Coyote Pass. From her time in an RV with her kids to her apartment in Flagstaff, Janelle has drawn the short end of the stick on Sister Wives, one of the best reality TV series on the air currently.

Is Janelle Going To Leave Kody Because Of Money?

Montage of Sister Wives Star Janelle Brown and Kody Brown

As Janelle has moved through her relationship with Kody, she’s changed her mind time and time again for him regardless of how she’s felt in her relationship. After marrying Kody in 1993, Janelle joined the Brown family, along with Meri Brown and Christine Brown. The Browns were private about their plural marriage until the 2010s, when Robyn Brown joined the family, and Sister Wives began. Janelle, who has six kids with Kody, has always been loyal to her husband and their relationship, but as the cracks began to appear in their relationship, she noticed that things weren’t exactly as good as they seemed.

With Janelle and Kody having a massive argument on Sister Wives season 18, episode 3, the pair have been touch and go in the episodes since. Though the couple have fought in the past, Janelle made it clear that her fight with Kody wasn’t just about the disagreement they were having over their sons. Janelle spoke openly about the fact that she’s put a lot of money into Coyote Pass, more than she should’ve, and feels betrayed by Kody for not contributing to her household as he does for Robyn. Janelle could ultimately choose to leave Kody over his neglect of her, even if it’s only financial neglect.

Janelle’s Kids Think Kody Squanders Resources On Robyn & Her Kids

Throughout Sister Wives season 18, it has become clear that Janelle’s kids aren’t happy with the way Kody treats her or his parenting style when it comes to them. Kody has always been selective about the way he parents his children. There are nearly 20 Brown kids between his four wives, and obviously, Kody has a lot more to attend to in terms of parenting at times, as his wives only have groups of children while he has all of them. Still, Kody doesn’t divide his time equally, nor does he divide his assets equally.

In the most recent episode of Sister Wives, Janelle made it clear that she wasn’t trying to shield her kids from Kody’s behavior like she had in the past. When her children were younger, Janelle tried to ensure they understood how much their father had to deal with, but she made it clear that they were still important to him. As they got older and developed their own relationships with Kody, Janelle’s kids grasped that he wasn’t equitable about his time or resources. They’ve all come to understand that he favors Robyn and her children, who are younger, than any of his other kids.

How Did Janelle Go Broke?

Sister Wives' Kody Brown & Christine Brown with Arizona background

Although it’s not confirmed that Janelle is as broke as she says, she’s claimed that things have become difficult. In a recent episode of Sister Wives, Janelle explained that she’s sunk all her money into the family’s real estate, Coyote Pass. Though Kody, Robyn, and Meri all have stakes in the property, Janelle seems to be the most put out by Coyote Pass and how much it costs her. After putting money down for land and the mortgage for a house on the plot, Janelle’s finances have become wrapped up entirely in her stake in Coyote Pass.

Though Janelle makes a living from her appearances on reality TV and social media, she’s spoken out about the fact that her finances are in shambles. It seems likely Janelle invested so much in Coyote Pass that she isn’t able to separate from it, even though she wants to. After their fight, Janelle shared she doesn’t feel like she’s married anymore, which means she probably doesn’t want to live on the land she purchased with Kody. Even though Janelle may not want to stay on Coyote Pass, she may have no other choice.

How Can Kody Live With Himself?

Montage of Sister WIves' Kody Brown, with his hands over his mouth

Although Kody is open about his emotions, especially difficult ones like anger, he doesn’t find it difficult to push anyone else into those feelings. He often acts selfishly, putting himself or his favorites before others. Kody doesn’t choose to treat his children or wives equally, and leaving Janelle in what seems to be dire straits because of his selfish behavior isn’t something he’ll see as an issue. Kody makes it clear with the majority of his actions that he cares about himself more than everyone else, regardless of what he says.

Kody’s actions consistently speak louder than his words, and he often puts himself first in situations where he doesn’t need to. When it comes to keeping track of his finances, helping out his family, or even simply showing that he cares, it’s obvious that Kody doesn’t think beyond his happiness. Even though he’s clearly not thinking of his actions as poor, the fact that Kody can live with himself when his terrible behavior is on display on Sister Wives is shocking.


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