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Sister Wives – News Roundup (Week of Sept. 18-24) – SPOILERS

This week, Sister Wives stars, including Kody and Robyn Brown, shared interesting updates about their offscreen lives. They really opened up.

  •  Kody and Robyn were seen buying luggage together, sparking speculation about a possible trip or relocation. They have no interest in building a home on Coyote Pass land.
  •  Christine happily showcased her over-the-top Halloween decorations, and seems so content. She may have already married her new beau, David Woolley.
  •  Janelle explored Utah, staying at a quaint and unique hotel.
  •  Meri talked about embracing, “eating alone” in yet another cryptic post.

Sister Wives season 18’s been a wild ride so far, and as its cast members unravel onscreen, they also live out their offscreen lives in real time. While learning about Kody, Robyn, Meri, Janelle, and Christine Brown’s weekly news may spoil the current installment (SPOILER ALERT), there are few people who don’t already know which wives left and which one stayed. Some juicy details about the cast have surfaced recently, which are well worth reading about. The Brown family’s antics add context to what’s shown onscreen.

In the last Sister Wives season 18 episode, Brown family members got real about how they were feeling. Even the children opened up, including Janelle’s kids with Kody (Gabriel, Savanah, and Garrison Brown). They feel neglected by their father, and have had issues with Kody and Robyn for a long time. During the pandemic, they didn’t get quality time with their dad. Meanwhile, when it comes to her own relationship with Kody, Janelle’s also dealing with hard feelings. She seems close to bailing out and heading for Utah, where Christine’s put down roots.

Kody & Robyn Were Seen Purchasing Luggage In Phoenix, Arizona

Fans often discuss their Kody and Robyn sightings online, and this one happened at a Phoenix, Arizona TJ Maxx, as per the IG account, Without A Crystal Ball. At the budget chain store, the couple, who haven’t always seen eye to eye in the current season, seemed to be on the same page. Their daughter Ariella, who’s currently 7 years old, joined them on the outing.

Did they need new luggage because they’re going on a trip, or even planning to relocate? It’s hard to say, as both keep fairly low profiles online. However, they reportedly have no interest in building a home on Coyote Pass land.

Robyn’s basically abandoned her Instagram account, robyn_browns_nest, probably because she always got so much hate from trolls. She hasn’t posted since March 2019. Kody has IG and Twitter, but doesn’t really open up about life on either platform. Kody last posted on his kodywinnbrown Instagram account in January, with a serious announcement about the dissolution of his spiritual union with Meri. Kody went quiet on Twitter in 2019.

Christine Brown’s Over-The-Top Halloween Decorations Got Attention

Christine showed off her Halloween decorations online, and looked very happy as she did so. She paid a company, Royal Peak Lighting, to install the dazzling and mildly spooky display. Reality TV show celeb Christine, 51, is obviously thrilled with life right now. She may have already married her new beau, David Woolley. As seen below, she seemed to be wearing a wedding band in a recent TikTok clip. The talented cook shared some tips with followers while showing off her jewelry, as seen below:

Janelle Visited A Retro Hotel In Kanab, Utahjanelle brown sister wives retro hotel IG post

Janelle was in the mood to explore this week, and posted about visiting a, “retro” Kanab, Utah hotel. She always has a little wanderlust. In the past, in much happier times, she loved going camping with Kody. Then, she started living in a recreational vehicle at Coyote Pass. That land remains undeveloped, and Janelle reportedly still owes $170,000 on her Coyote Pass mortgage.

Janelle’s been complaining about her money woes in season 18, although her husband dismisses her concerns, saying that she has the same, “assets” as everyone else. However, there’s quite a difference between her season 18 living situation and Kody and Robyn’s. They live like royalty while she can barely find room for a beanbag chair that Christine gave her.

Now, she’s on the move again. She extolled the virtues of the “quaint” hotel, appreciating its uniqueness, and asked followers to share their own hidden “gems.” Her comments seem slightly promotional, but her pic and caption weren’t marked as a sponsored post.

Meri’s Embracing “Eating Alone” After Split With Patriarch Kody Brown

Meri Brown montage from sister wives

Meri’s known for her “cryptic” posts, and she’s sticking with her usual MO this week. In an Instagram story, Meri obliquely dissed Kody by adding the words, “Be so confident in knowing what you bring to the table that you’re willing to eat alone until you find the right table.” While Kody wasn’t named, it’s hard to interpret this affirmation as anything but a jab at her ex. Will Meri ever stop living in the past, even as she says she’s moving on? Sometimes, she seems to try too hard to appear ultra-independent. However, if she really was, she might leave the cruptic posts behind forever.

A lot happened offscreen in the Sister Wives world this week. The series airs on Sunday nights, and the drama’s reaching critical mass. Janelle’s at the end of her rope, and Christine already threw in the towel. Self-described “third wheel” Meri is wondering where she fits in. As she chose to leave Kody, as per his IG announcement, she figured out the answer. Going it alone’s way better than never being able to compete with Kody’s favorite wife, the possibly manipulative Robyn Brown.

For years, Robyn cried over the state of the polygamous family. There was suspicion that she was faking her emotions. Now that she’s told the world she wants monogamy, it seems quite clear that there was a basis for that kind of criticism. Did Robyn ever enjoy plural marriage at all? Maybe not, and Kody didn’t seem to like it much either. Therefore, it’s best for everyone if Kody and Robyn have a typical relationship.

Kody says he doesn’t intend to bring in another wife. If he changes his mind, he might lose the only wife he has left. Sister Wives season 18 is packed with drama, and every episode reveals a new facet of the family’s fractured dynamic. The Brown family’s falling apart, but this is ultimately a good thing, as everyone is miserable.


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