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The Shocking Truth: Robyn Finally Discloses What Her Nanny Actually Does!

“What does the nanny do?” Sister Wives fans have been asking this question for a few years now. But Kody and Robyn never had a logical answer to shut down the controversy. This all started when the latter hired a nanny while none of the others were ever blessed with this privilege.

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Hence, this incident came to the limelight, and the entire fan base started to wonder what the nanny actually did. But now it seems that Robyn has finally decided to answer this infamous question, and fans are still in disbelief with her explanation! What did she reveal?

Sister Wives: Robyn Reveals What Her Nanny Do

It’s been years since Sister Wives fans are wondering, “What does the nanny do?.” This statement ended up becoming one of the most controversial ones in the history of the show. It started when Robyn ended up hiring a nanny during COVID-19.

The cryptic part was that she decided to conceal this information from other wives. Hence, soon, Meri, Janelle, and Christine also got to know about the same and were really surprised and questioned what the nanny actually does. Amid all this, Robyn finally decided to reveal the work of her hired nanny and tried to explain her urgent need!

Recently, a Reddit thread started and revealed that Robyn talked about the nanny issues during Season 17 Episode 2. She explained that there is a lot going on in her and Kody’s lives. So they really need a “nanny” to help them out. The celeb further added that it wouldn’t be fair to bother her husband for petty things because he already has endless “responsibilities” on his shoulders.

So basically, the nanny is to make things easier for Kody so that he doesn’t have to bother himself with everything! Fans were in shock when they heard Robyn actually trying to justify herself with this disguised explanation!

Sister Wives: Fans Wonder If Christine, Meri & Janelle Can Do Then Why Not Robyn?

The Reddit thread was quick to point out that Sister Wives stars Meri, Janelle, and Christine also raised a handful of kids without ever bothering Kody. Fans already know the patriarch’s second and third wives have six kids each.

Moreover, Janelle was working, so Christine had to look after around 11 children at the same time. She did it without a nanny. This made the viewers wonder why Robyn couldn’t do it then! Fans feel that she has way more facilities than the other wives when it comes to raising kids. After all, she is the favorite wife.

Sister Wives' Kody Brown and wife Robyn have 'no communication' with his  exes Christine, Meri and Janelle | The US Sun

Robyn has Kody around her most of the time when the other wives don’t have this privilege. Moreover, her older kids are teenagers now and can fairly help their mother with the household. Above everything, Robyn doesn’t even have a permanent job and stays at home.

Hence, it was evident that fans weren’t convinced by her explanation and felt that it was completely unnecessary. A user wrote, “Give me a break, Robyn!!.” Another one added, “Many WORKING MOMS don’t have nannies.”

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