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Fans Claim Robyn Brown Wants a ‘Big Family’ if She ‘Gets to Be the Queen of It’

Sister Wives season 18 features the fallout of Christine Brown’s exit from the Brown family and how it has impacted the polygamist clan. Christine, Janelle, Meri, Robyn, and Kody Brown have expressed conflicting feelings about the restructuring of their family unit. However, viewers remain highly critical of Robyn, Kody’s legal wife. Fans believe Robyn’s talking out both sides of her mouth, claiming she wants a “big family” if she “gets to be the queen of it.”

‘Sister Wives’ fans weigh in on Robyn Brown’s reaction to the shift in her polygamist family

Robyn Brown is the only legal wife of Kody Brown. They spiritually married in 2010 and legally tied the knot in 2014 after Kody divorced his first wife Meri and remained spiritually married, per their religious beliefs, to Christine and Janelle Brown.

Therefore, Robyn’s commentary regularly focuses on losing their family culture since Christine exited the clan in November 2021. She also appears hyper-critical of other family members who disagree with Kody.

However, the series’ fans believe Robyn’s commentary positions her as the Brown family’s head wife. They claimed in a Reddit post she only wants the “big family” with specific stipulations.

“Why would she ever think her house is the nucleus of the family? Because Kody lives there? Because she is the legal wife? No, kids who are now adults go where the LOVE is,” one fan wrote.

They continued, “Those home-cooked meals they grew up eating. The traditions they shared, and seeing the people they talk to regularly. They want to be around people who show them love and treat them as wanted, not just for TLC.”

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A second fan noted, “And don’t forget, the kids still made an effort to include Robyn’s kids in their Christmas celebration. She only wants the ‘big’ family if she gets to be the queen of it.”

“This is what it’s all about. She wanted everyone to come to her house, and Kody wanted everyone to come to him. If they didn’t come to them, they got nothing,” penned a third Sister Wives viewer.

‘Sister Wives’ Robyn Brown is portrayed as tone-deaf to family responses to her actions

Sister Wives fans are witnessing one of the most raw seasons of the TLC reality show in 18 seasons. Prior, it appeared the series whitewashed issues bubbling under the surface since Robyn Brown married into the family in 2010.

However, as the clan unravels, viewers witness Kody Brown’s rough responses to Christine’s exit and the end of his relationships with Janelle and Meri. His wife, Robyn, appears to mirror her husband’s commentary.

She regularly makes what appears to be tone-deaf commentary about how difficult this shift has been for Kody. However, Robyn does not appear culpable regarding her behavior for over a decade.

For instance, Kody and Janelle’s son Logan started a group chat about a possible gift exchange amongst the kids for all the Brown family siblings. They decided to loop in the parents, and Robyn pushed for a video chat so Kody could see and talk to his children.

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“It turned into this big squabble between my kids and a bunch of the other kids,” said Robyn in a confessional. She claimed it was “another example of them not wanting to be family with us,” and that’s how it felt for her “from the beginning.”

Did Robyn Brown want to live polygamy?

Since marrying into the Brown family, Robyn appeared to be treated differently by her husband, Kody Brown. As Kody’s first new wife in 16 years, she seemed to be singled out as the most devoted woman to the father of 18.

Robyn came from a polygamist family but was in a monogamous relationship with her first husband, David Jessop, the father of her three older children, David, Brianna, and Aurora. She later added Solomon and Ariella to her clan; Kody Brown fathered these children.

Kody admitted he spent more time with Robyn and her children to cultivate their relationship. But since she acted, Kody says, as the “most fundamentally loyal” of all his wives, he gravitated to her and spent the most time at Robyn’s house.

Christine, Janelle, and Meri stated this season that Kody was never equal with his time, despite the show featuring him as he traveled to each of his wives’ homes. However, as the season unfolds and more family secrets are revealed, fans hold Robyn as accountable as Kody for not encouraging him to nurture his relationships with her sister wives as he had done with her.

Currently, Robyn is living in monogamy with Kody Brown. He is no longer married spiritually to Meri, Christine, or Janelle Brown.


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