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Robyn Brown Proves To Be Real Villain After Bombshell Admission

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown proved to be the real villain after a recent bombshell admission. It seems that each week, she just comes out looking even worse. It is hard to believe that is possible but she keeps digging a bigger hole for herself and this time, there may be no coming back. So, what did she reveal that villainized her for real? Read on for more details.

Robyn Brown-YouTube

Robyn Brown Proves To Be Real Villain After Bombshell Admission

Christmas was a mess this year for the Brown family. Christine Brown was coming in from Utah so she and Janelle Brown got a cute AirnBnB. That way Christine’s girls, Truely and Ysabel could see their dad while also seeing their siblings on Janelle’s side. However, Kody and Robyn Brown did not like this at all. They hated that the family would be divided for another holiday. Plus, Meri Brown never has anywhere to go so she is the extra wheel with Robyn, Kody, and their five kids. Somewhere along the way, the grown-up kids started a group chat.

Sister Wives Kids-YouTube
Sister Wives Kids-YouTube

They wanted to do a gift exchange for Christmas which should have been a really sweet and fun thing. However, Robyn Brown came in, interfered, and put a stop to it. Per Christine, she said that the gift text exchange had been going on but then Robyn did not feel safe anymore with it. Robyn then claimed that she wanted the holidays to happen with everyone but she did not want a fight with the boys and Kody. A Reddit thread soon started with the OP saying: “How can Robyn try to cancel Christmas and still not see herself as the villain?”

Robyn Brown - Sister Wives - YouTube/TLC - Feature

Did fellow Redditors agree that this was confirmation that is the villain or did they need more proof? One noted that she always plays the victim in every scenario. Others loved how Christine is now willing to dish on everything and cannot wait for more from her. A Redditor had this to say: “She’s literally the grinch who tried to steal Christmas 🌲.” This is accurate as Kody equates himself to Scrooge.

A Family Divided

Meri Brown had no idea that Christine’s girls had come by to see Kody and Robyn Brown. Yet, the real clincher was that they did not even send a gift back for Janelle’s daughter, Savanah. It had been over a month since he made contact with her and that filled Christine with rage. She knew they lived just half an hour apart but Kody could not even make the effort to see Savanah. This is on Robyn, as well because she is supposed to be another mother to Savanah.

Do you look at Robyn as a villain or an accomplice? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.


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