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New Update: Christine Brown Snubs Meri Brown

Sister Wives Season 18 has a new preview and you can watch it further down in this article. It revealed Christine talking about snubbing Robyn, Kody, and Meri Brown. So, what going on:? Why is there a need to be fussy? Read on to find out.

Meri Brown Shuts Door On Sisterhood With Christine

Sister Wives Spoilers –  Meri Brown Played Devils Advocate For Christine

There is a lot of tension in the new season of the TLC show. Kody is raging away and being nasty about everyone, including Janelle’s kids. Meri, for some unknown reason still hangs around with Robyn and Kody despite his rejection of her. But, she did play the Devil’s advocate for Christine when he accused Janelle and his former third wife of conspiring to destroy the family. However, it’s not enough for Christine who snubs Meri in a new teaser.

Sister Wives fans hope that once Christine gets married to David Woolley, the show will dump Kody and Robyn. Well, Mykelti’s mom’s not waiting around for that to let them know they are unwanted and unwelcome in her life. What transpired took place in a conversation between Aspyn, Mykeli, and their mom.

Sister Wives: Star Christine Brown Snubs Meri BrownSister Wives Preview – Meri Brown On The Naughty List

Christine talked about planning her birthday and she’ll turn 50 years old. However, when the preview was posted on YouTube by Acess TV, she made it clear that Kody wasn’t on the invite list. Unsurprisingly, neither was Robyn. Strike Meri as well because the reality TV star just doesn’t want anyone there that she doesn’t get along with.

Sister Wives Star Christine Brown Snubs Meri Brown
TLC via Access / YouTube

The Sister Wives star talked about how previous big “family gatherings” always had some tension. Additionally, she claimed, “I never felt like a wife,” adding “I always felt like a second-class citizen.” So now it’s her party and she’s calling the shots. Mind you she has some difficult decisions because there are people in Kody’s family who she like a lot.

TLC – Fans Comment On The Snub

Sister Wives fans took to the comments of the preview. One of them wrote, “Always great when a woman get[s] her power back. Knows and owns your self worth. Good for her. Happy 50🎈

Another viewer said, “Her party should only be for the people who love her and no one else.”

Some people criticized Mykelti who still seemed to want her mom to remain in Kody and Robyn’s circle. One commenter opined, “Mykelti needs to get over it. Her mom is done with that freak show.”

Others hope that one day. Meri, Janelle, and Christine Brown might make friends once they are all done with Kody in their lives. What do you think? Sound off in the comments below.


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