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Sister Wives: Kody’s “Nasty” Crepe Recipe Explained (Don’t Try It At Home)

Kody Brown shared a Christmas morning recipe for crepes on a recent episode of Sister Wives, spurring quick criticism from Robyn and their children.

  •  Kody tried to play the family man during Christmas but his efforts didn’t hit the target. That’s because his relationships are crumbling.
  •  Kody’s Christmas morning crêpes didn’t impress his wife Robyn Brown or his kids.
  •  Kody’s trying hard to prove he’s invested in his children as the rest of his family struggles. However, his attempts seem forced.

Sister Wives season 18 gave viewers an inside look at Kody Brown’s most recent attempt to play the family man, when he made crêpes for a Christmas morning breakfast. As the current season’s brought the crumbling of Kody’s relationship to the forefront, the Brown family celebrated the Christmas holiday, though things were strained. Robyn Brown and Meri Brown, Kody’s current wife and ex-wife, respectively, were the only wives in attendance for the holiday. Christine Brown, who divorced Kody in 2021, spent the holiday with her children in Salt Lake City, Utah, while Janelle Brown opted to rent a property, where she could host the holiday for her own children.

As Sister Wives season 18 continues, it’s clearer than ever that the Brown family patriarch’s having trouble keeping things together. With Christine’s departure still fresh in Kody’s mind, he had a massive fight with Janelle in episode 3, over her plans for the holidays. With his relationship stress rising, Kody went into the Christmas holiday with something to prove.

Kody’s Crepe Recipe Grossed Out Robyn & His Kids

kody brown with exes and robyn sister wives

During the family’s Christmas morning, Kody made his very own crêpe recipe for Robyn and their children. While Kody was proud of his crêpes, they weren’t the most appetizing morsels. Kody filled the crêpes with cheese, berries, and according to Robyn, a “weird aioli” that she didn’t find to be tasty. Kody continually explained that the crêpes weren’t burritos, making sure to confirm that they were French cuisine, rather than Mexican. No one but Kody seemed enthused about his culinary creations.

Kody’s Trying To Play The Family Man

Although it’s not uncommon for him to ham it up for the cameras, seeing Kody attempting to play the family man role is jarring. Kody’s trying incredibly hard to prove that he’s invested in his children with Robyn, while the rest of his family’s crumbling. The fact that he doesn’t seem hurt about the latter’s unnerving. He appears tremendously defensive about the fact that he’s being painted as a less-than-stellar father, and in order to counteract that, he’s going out of his way to be present as a dad.

Kody May Not Be A Natural In The Kitchen

Sister Wives' Kody Brown montage wearing plaid shirt looking up red background

While Kody’s may not have a knack for cooking, in the past, he’s done other things for his family. Regardless, he gets shade. Kody can be a polarizing figure due to his erratic moods and troubled behavior. With his divorces piling up, several of his children being neglected or ignored, and his marriage to Robyn on the rocks, Kody’s been having a tough time. As Sister Wives season 18 continues, time will tell if Kody’s luck changes for the better. No matter what happens, his crêpes will probably always taste terrible.


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