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‘Sister Wives’ Christine Brown’s 50th Birthday Sneak Peek

It is almost time for Christine Brown’s 50th birthday on Sister Wives and with that, comes a sneak peek. This will be her first birthday away from the plural family. Of course, being the epic party planner that she is, she has something up her sleeve. Yet, are there external factors that she has to think about? Read on for more details.

Christine Brown-YouTube

Sister Wives Christine Brown’s 50th Birthday Sneak Peek

When Christine Brown was turning 49, she was making big changes in her life. She had just officially decided that it was time to leave the plural family. More so, the mother of six had to figure out how she was going to tell her sister wives and properly execute this with the least amount of harm. She also had a lot of fear shortly thereafter when speaking to Janelle Brown. Christine worried if she would find love again now that she was almost fifty. Well, it is time for her to get ready for the big 5-0 and her life is brilliant in Utah, away from the Flagstaff drama.

Christine Brown/YouTube

In a new sneak peek of the prep for Christine Brown’s 50th birthday, she has Aspyn Brown and Mykelti Padron over. They are all about a theme. They have proposed something 50’s style which gets Christine all giddy. It is decided that it will be a sock hop and Christine shares that Janelle really wants to come. Of course, Janelle, the children she has contact with, will be invited. However, Christine does not plan on inviting Meri, Robyn, or her ex-husband, Kody Brown.

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Mykelti asks about Kody’s mother and his best friend. It is murky because Christine does really adore some of his people but she just can’t cross some lines. The girls do joke about inviting their mother’s forever crush, Shemar Moore. Of course, this clip made it to Reddit where fans had a lot to say. They did agree that Shemar is gorgeous and her taste has vastly improved since leaving Kody. Then, there was the Mykelto debate that made Redditors go mad.

Invite Everyone

Though Mykelti Padron is a favorite, many struggled to understand why she felt the need to invite Kody’s side and his friends. They joked that she needed to stay on the show for a paycheck then proceeded to mock her husband’s job. Then, there’s the belief that Mykelti is neutral, something Christine Brown has always said. That is been refuted by fans: “I’m firmly against this notion that mykelti is neutral. There’s no neutrality with abuse. I can’t wait mykelti’s content because of this.”

Mykelti, Christine/IG
Mykelti, Christine-IG

Another added: “Mykelti is not loyal. She saw what those abusers did to her mom and to stay neutral is just disgusting. Wanting to be the favorite in a large family seems to run deep.” The party, judging by Christine’s social media, was a smashing success and not a Kody in sight.

Do you think that Christine had the right attitude when planning her party?

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