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“IT’S OVER” Janelle Brown Confirms Relationship Is OVER?

Sister Wives Season 18 revealed Janelle Brown separated from Kody Brown but she dithered, so she seemed undecided about leaving Kody permanently. Did she just confirm that she made a final decision and it’s all over? Read on to find out why fans think that she slipped in a spoiler on social media.

Janelle Brown via Instagram

Sister Wives Fans Thought Janelle Brown Had Second Thoughts

When the trailer and some previews arrived for the TLC show’s 18th season, TLC fans were pumped. After all, they saw Janelle tell Kody to get himself away in gutter language. F-bombs flew several times. Empowered women loved it. Finally, it seemed that like Christine Brown, she had made up her mind to leave forever. However, she also talked about not wanting to get a divorce via the Temple.

Sister Wives fans watched another scene after Kody Brown ghosted Janelle’s kids at Christmas. Remember, he didn’t even give his daughter Savanah a call on Christmas day. After Janelle Brown confronted him, they had a massive fight. So, fans were shocked to see her tell Kody that she didn’t hate him and that she considered marriage counseling. Hope faded for a permanent split until she posted up on social media this week.

Sister Wives Janelle Brown Sends A Message – Is It Over?

This week, Janelle took to her main profile page on Instagram. In a video, she held up a mug and the print on it said, “Rescue Your Own Damn Self.” She started talking about other women who left their partners. Obviously, that paved the way for her to do the same. These days, it’s acceptable to kick a disappointing partner to the curb, and she’s “grateful” for that.

TLC Sister Wives Janelle Brown Confirms Relationship Is OVER - Instagram
TLC’s Sister Wives star Janelle Brown hints It’s over with Kody – Instagram

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown also said, “We don’t have to find a living situation for ourselves.” Instead, she noted, “We can create that.” Listening to her, it seems that she really moved on from Kody, and claimed that leaving a marriage can “empower” women to live life their own way. Now, she looks forward to “Big projects” that she can “achieve.”

Holding Her Own Space

The Sister Wives star also mentioned that it’s “okay” to find another partner. Perhaps, she had Christine Brown in mind. But for her, she feels she’d rather “Hold space” for what she wants to do with her life. Furthermore, her “children” give her loads of “support.” Certainly, it sounds like she finally decided to walk away from Kody permanently.

Did you think that they might reconcile when Janelle Brown talked about marriage counseling helping her reunite with Kody Brown? Is her message about the mug really a spoiler that she actually remained separated from him and they didn’t get back together?

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