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Meri Brown Says ‘True Friends Make You Ride The Bull’ (Pic)

While Sister Wives Meri Brown stole back the spotlight this week following Christine Brown and David Woolley’s wedding, she continues to shine throughout the week. Although fans have been celebrating with Christine heading into a new life chapter, now fans rejoice with Meri and Amos publically kicking off their journey.

Jenn Sullivan and Meri Brown, Sister Wives

Meri Brown Airs Her Secret

Throughout the week, Meri Brown has been showing her newest fashion accessory, a new man. Rather politely, Meri sat on her secret until Christine Brown and David Woolley wrapped up their second part of the Sister Wives Wedding Special. However, just days later she gave fans a juicy birthday reveal that she and Amos are an item. After Meri’s big announcement, Jenn Sullivan jumps in the comments to say, “I just popped on to see if you announced yet. Yay!!!! Enjoy your birthday dinner with your really great guy. Hi Amos! Ready or not!” Additionally, she was met with lots of other comments:

  • “Dang all of you Sister Wives upgraded!”
  • “Should have dropped Kody a decade ago. Happiness looks much better on you!”
  • “Meri and Christine have both found men who are confident to rock a bald head🤣 I’m so happy for you to finally find happiness!”


Make A Wish!

Along with her birthday surprise, Meri Brown was tagged on Instagram with a list of fun birthday ideas to ring in her 53 birthday. First on the list was, a “Birthday dinner date with a great guy.” Admittedly, these were suggestions that Jenn Sullivan consolidated for her to pick from, “Ok @therealmeribrown make a wish! Here are ideas based off comments, messages, and recent conversations! What’ll it be?” But number one seems to fit right in with her newly announced relationship. And number six, “Exciting announcements,” also seems to be a big part of her birthday week as well.


Meri Brown Out With Her True Friends

Additionally, Meri Brown seems to be celebrating the week away with her closest friends as well. In particular, she posts on her Instagram stories a playful video with her enjoying every minute of her birthday she can. Within the video, she saddles up for dinner and has overlaid text saying, “YEE HAW! True friends make you ride the bull on your bday.” Following, “Yes, yes they do!” And you see her dancing and yelling while the Texas Roadhouse waitress announces Meri’s 21st birthday. Undoubtedly, she is embracing the moment even though it may have been slightly embarrassing. Then around her, her friends cheer her on as she adds some shoulder shimmies to her dancing. Undeniably, Meri is enjoying life more with a supportive group of friends pushing her to do things outside her comfort zone.

Sister Wives Meri Brown Rides A Bull. - Instagram
Sister Wives Meri Brown Rides A Bull. – Instagram

What do you think about Meri Brown’s birthday celebration week? What do you think about her new boyfriend Amos? Are you hoping for a new season of life after Sister Wives? Drop your comments below.


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