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New Update: Meri Brown Shares Heartwrenching Post About Tragic Death Of Her Loved One!

Sister Wives star Meri Brown lost her mom, Bonnie, her dad, William “Bill” Barber Jr., and her sister Teresa Kuntz and each one was a sad death for her. This week, she shared a tribute on her social media.

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Sister Wives So Much Bereavement For Meri Brown

TLC fans didn’t meet Bill Barber because he passed away before the TLC show premiered in 2010. At the time he died, he was 64 years old. Sadly, his daughter, a direct full sibling of the reality TV star, Teresa Kuntz, passed away from cancer in 2006. Often, Kody’s former first wife will pay tribute to them on her social media. Her mom and dad were polygamous, so it’s not clear how many half-siblings she might have mourned during her life. However, fans do know that she has surviving siblings and they helped her through her grief when Bonnie passed away.

Sister Wives fans saw that when Meri Brown found out that her mom was dying in a hospital in Utah, pretty much the rest of the family seemed uncaring. When it played out on the show last year, Meri couldn’t bear to watch the episode because it was still so painful for her. Furious and shocked, fans of the show freaked out because nobody seemed to care that all alone, the mom of one child, drove by herself in a terribly emotional state.


Sister Wives Star Meri Brown Remembers The Sad Passing Of Her Dad

When Meri purchased the ancestral home of her family in Parowan and turned it into Lizzie’s Heritage Inn, she surrounded herself with memories of those gone before her. Memories of her mother her father, probably her sister, and many more people in her line might interest fans who stay there. Certainly, she pays tribute to her mom, Bonnie who managed the place before her unexpected death.

This week, the Sister Wives star dedicated some time to honoring her dad. Bill Barber served in the military at one stage, and she’s very proud of him. Taking to her Instagram Stories a few days ago, she shared some photos of her dad, and People Magazine reported that her caption said, “16 years gone today. The world could’ve used a hell of a lot more of this man.”

TLC Sister Wives Instagram Meri Brown Shares Sad Death With Fans Bill Barber
Image credit: @realmeribrown Instagram Stories

On the post, little pink hearts also spoke of her love for her dad who seemed like a man with integrity who was filled with love for his family.

Meri Shared Photos Of Her Late Father Before

In 2019, the Sister Wives star shared a sweet photo of herself with her mom and dad and her siblings. Taken in the 1970s, her father looked so young and he flaunted a pair of flared bell-bottom trousers. The innocent snap of a young family enjoying a vacation in Salt Lake City must bring special memories for their daughter

Are you happy that Meri Brown can remember her mom and dad with pride and affection? Do you think more men like Bill Barber would be useful to have around in the rather strange world we live in at the moment?


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