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‘Sister Wives’ BOMBSHELL: Aspyn & Mitch Related By Blood?!

A Sister Wives bombshell has been dropped claiming Kody and Christine Brown’s daughter Aspyn and her husband Mitch Thompson are actually related by blood.

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Aspyn Brown and her husband Mitch Thompson don’t make headlines often, but this one is a real doozy! Reports are swirling that Aspyn and her husband Mitch are actually related by blood. How are they related by blood? Where did this information come from? And, does this make their marriage a legal issue? Keep reading for the scoop!

Aspyn Brown related by blood to husband Mitch Thompson?

Katie Joy of Without A Crystal Ball broke the news on a Sister Wives shocker on Instagram last night. The social media influencer reported that a member of the Allred family (Christine’s side of the family) revealed Aspyn and her husband Mitch were actually related by blood.

Katie Joy explained: “Aspyn and Mitch share Great-Great Grandparents Byron Allred Jr & Mary Clark Allred. Aspyn’s great-Grandfather Rulon Allred is Brother to Mitch’s Great-Grandmother Beth Allred Jessop.”

Trickling down their connected family trees, this makes Aspyn and her husband Mitch third cousins.

Aspyn, Mitch/Sister Wives/IG

As fans who watched Sister Wives will recall, the Aspyn’s entire family was pretty dodgy on who Mitch’s father was. In fact, only his mother Hannah actually made appearances on the TLC series. In hindsight, the omission of Mitch’s father from the show may have been to keep fans from realizing Mitch and Aspyn were actually related by blood.

Is this legally incest?

Legally, both second and third cousins can get married within the United States. Only first cousins are considered incest (making it illegal for them to wed). Katie Joy affirmed at the end of her post: “It is legal in the state of Utah to marry your third cousin. So their marriage is legit under the law.” Some fans pointed out in the comments of her post that it wasn’t that long ago that first cousins were legally allowed to wed.

Without A Crystal Ball - Instagram
Without A Crystal Ball – Instagram

Fans of Sister Wives had pretty mixed feelings about this bombshell. Here’s what some fans had to say:

  • “1st, 2nd, 3rd, removed, replaced- it’s all YUCK! All the fish in the sea and you marry your own blood. Shew!”
  • “That’s cool. Nothing spells lovin’ like marrying a cousin!”
  • “3rd cousins arent ideal by any means but it isn’t incest either. I hope people just leave them alone.”

Many fans ripped Katie Joy noting it was “no one’s business” and that this information didn’t hurt or benefit anyone.

Do you find it to be shocking that Asypn Brown and her husband Mitch Thompson are related by blood? Or, do you not think it is a big deal because they are third cousins and it isn’t legally considered to be incest? Moreover, do you not think it is a big deal because keeping it in the family is a pretty common practice in polygamist communities? Drop your answers to these questions in our comment section at the bottom of the article.

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