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Kody Brown Claims Exes Are ‘Doing Everything They Can’ to Shut Him Out

Kody Brown‘s family is more divided than ever as he accuses exes Janelle Brown and Christine Brown of wanting to bring him down.

During the Sunday, September 3, episode of Sister Wives, Kody, 54, sat down with Meri Brown and current wife Robyn Brown after a “pretty intense” fight with Janelle, also 54, about their split. While discussing the group’s Christmas plans, Kody claimed Janelle and Christine, 51, are teaming up against him.

Sister Wisves Recap- Kody Brown Thinks Exes Are Doing Everything The Can To Oust Him As Head Of Family

“I think they’re trying to shut me out because they’re mad at me,” he said, noting that his two former spouses intended to celebrate the holidays together. Kody went on to tell Robyn, 44, and Meri, 52, about the heated conversation he had with Janelle. “We yelled at each other,” he said. “We threw rocks at glass houses. … I don’t even know what I was yelling [about].”

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Robyn and Meri both appeared concerned as Kody recounted the spat. “It’s the big blame game about who’s responsible for our family splitting up over COVID,” he explained.

Sister Wisves Recap- Kody Brown Thinks Exes Are Doing Everything The Can To Oust Him As Head Of Family

Christine Brown. TLC/YouTube

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, Kody butted heads with sons Gabriel and Garrison, whom he shares with Janelle. Kody wanted his family to follow strict guidelines when it came to quarantining, but some of his kids didn’t want to lose out on their social lives.

“The boys aren’t talking to me,” Kody said on Sunday. “I’ve reached out to basically everybody involved. They’re making up stories in their mind ’cause they’re not talking to me, so everybody’s got some kind of story about how [I’m] a bad guy.”

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Kody claimed that his family members are “making up a story” about him. “They’re talking to each other about it, but they’re not talking to me about it,” he alleged. “And now they’re all mad at me. … Christine and Janelle are doing everything they can to not make it so I’m not the head of the family, which is fine.”

In a confessional, Christine argued that she “became the head of mine and my kids’ family out of necessity” following her 2021 split from Kody. “I was the one my kids would listen to and I was the one my kids talked to,” she told the cameras. “And if they needed to feel love or security or acceptance, they got that from me.”

Meri, meanwhile, admitted to Kody and Robyn that she feels “completely stuck in the middle” of the family’s fractured dynamic. “You’ve got Christine, who left. You’ve got Janelle, who you are at odds with,” she said. “I’m like the third wheel because I’m just here. I don’t know what to do.”

Janelle Brown and Kody Browns Relationship Timeline

Kody reassured Meri that he understands her perspective. (The pair confirmed their own breakup earlier this year.) While he acknowledged that he and Janelle have “crossed the line” with one another after their fight, he also said he was “not interested” in calling her to patch things up.

“I just want to run away from everybody whose been so uncool about what I’ve tried to do to protect the family,” he added. “And they’re all like, ‘Well, you weren’t trying to protect us.’”

Speaking directly to the camera, Kody confessed, “Nobody feels safe. Nobody feels like they can be with another person without being triggered constantly. … There’s this feeling that we’ve all been done wrong.”

Sister Wives airs on TLC Sundays at 10 p.m. ET.

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