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Sister Wives: Tony Explains Cliques inside Kody’s Family

Sister Wives star Tony Padron explains that inside Kody Brown‘s family, there are cliques and if you find yourself outside of one it could be awful. While you might not catch it on the screen, Tony says it happens. He started this dialog after Robyn Brown reported she feels like an outsider, as do her kids.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Tony Padron

So, Tony explains that people within Kody Brown’s family can feel that way from time to time. Even his wife Mykelti Brown Padron felt like this before. That’s because these cliques form, and you can find yourself an outsider if you are not included.

Sister Wives: Tony Padron Spills the Beans on Kody Brown’s Clan

Tony Padron and his wife Mykelti Brown Padron are one of the few adults from inside Kody’s family who have a relationship with Robyn Brown. That’s because when Mykelti was a teen she was having problems at home with her siblings. So, she moved in with her father’s fourth wife for a while.

Sister Wives: Tony Padron - Mykelti Brown Padron - Kody Brown

She helped out with the kids and looked at Robyn as someone who was there for her. She really needed the kindness her father’s youngest wife offered her at the time.

So, when Tony Padron talks about cliques and finding yourself outside of one, it sounds like he knew a lot about it due to his wife’s experience. Because of this, Tony and his wife explain how a bond formed with Kody Brown’s youngest wife that is still strong today.

Tony the Family Guy

Tony Padron seems the polar opposite of Kody Brown when it comes to taking on dad duties. The Sister Wives moms were in charge of raising their kids. From what Christine Brown said, it sounds as if Kody did very little of the daily tasks associated with young kids.

This former third wife of the Sister Wives family told a story of how Kody wouldn’t even put the kids to bed for her. The other moms helped one another early on. But it sounds as if Kody pretty much stayed a hands-free dad when it came to a lot of the work associated with raising kids.

Sister Wives: Tony Padron - Mykelti Brown Padron - Avalon Padron - Archer Banks Padron - Ace McCord Padron | Instagram

Then there’s Tony Padron. His wife just spent time away with her mom and siblings in Europe. While Tony had help from his mom and sisters, he stayed home and happily took care of his three kids. And his babies are all under the age of three. Tony is also a one-woman husband who idolizes his wife.

Sister Wives: Kody’s Family Quarrels

While Tony and Mykelti didn’t do too much defending of Robyn, the Sister Wives daughter made it clear she has a bond with Robyn. Their relationship has deep roots going back to a time when Mykelti needed support.

Mykelti and Tony Patron were also part of that now-defunct gift exchange between all of Kody Brown’s children. Tempers flared as the children of Kody Brown attempted to orchestrate the exchange. But it failed horribly. Mykelti said that the holiday exchange among her siblings got out of hand. Fans heard what the other wives had to say about it and formed the assumption that Kody Brown’s wife number four got involved when maybe she shouldn’t.

It sounded like the kids started the exchange and Robyn somehow involved herself in this. She tried to set up a video call. for all Kody Brown’s kids. But due to the schedules of the 25 people involved, there wasn’t a time that worked for everyone.

But instead, Robyn took this as they refused to do the video call because it was her idea. Tony seemed to think his theory of Sister Wives cliques also played a part.

Tony & Mykelti Padron Say It Wasn’t Robyn Brown

Mykelti said scheduling a video call failed for only one reason. Too many conflicting schedules were to blame, not Kody’s youngest wife. But, the communication regarding this video call was done via text messages. So, as many people know, the written word in a message doesn’t always sound like it was intended to sound.

So, things were taken wrong, which ended the gift exchange with hurt feelings. It looks like more evidence for Tony Padron’s theory of cliques surface on the next new Sister Wives episode. The show airs Sunday night on TLC at 10 p.m.


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