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‘Sister Wives’ Will There Be Season 19 Post-Divorce Drama?

Will there be a Season 19 of Sister Wives amid all of the post-divorce drama? Season 18 will see Kody Brown lose two more wives. This comes on the heels of his former third wife, Christine Brown leaving the plural family in early 2021. So, what will happen now that it will ultimately just be him and his fourth wife, Robyn? Read on for more details.

Kody Brown-YouTube

Sister Wives Will There Be Season 19 Post-Divorce Drama?

After Christine Brown exited the plural family in Season 17 of Sister Wives, it looked like the family was going to continue to struggle. They were already suffering and had been for some time, especially with communication. However, Christine’s exit shattered so much of what the Browns prided themselves on. They wanted the public to see them as a functional polygamist unit but they were anything but. Robyn and Meri felt especially betrayed but they tried to make a pact to hold on and rebuild. That clearly did not happen as Meri and Janelle shared they had left by the time the tell-all was filmed.

Janelle Brown-YouTube
Janelle Brown-YouTube

Now that Season 18 is getting ready to premiere, Sister Wives previews have dropped. It is clear that this is a severely dysfunctional situation. That being said, after the upcoming season ends, will TLC even want to film the post-divorce drama? According to Reality Tea, that is all up in the air. At this point, Kody does not want to add any more wives to his life. This will be hard for Robyn to take as she only wants to live polygamy. Therefore, the most interesting people to film would be the wives who left and how they are going on with their lives after Kody.

Meri Brown-YouTube
Meri Brown-YouTube

So, will TLC do a Sister Wives spin-off which is what fans appear to want? Chris Poole from TLC had this to say: “Of course, I would love to do spinoffs, and I think people would love to see what happens to each of them. But fortunately, we’re in a place right now where we’re covering that on Sister Wives; nobody’s disappearing from the show.”

Keep On Going?

From what Chris Poole said, it looks like Sister Wives will keep going until they have exhausted everything and anything. Though spin-offs would be a lot of fun, there may just be specials. One that could happen, if fans are lucky, is one revolving around Christine and David Woolley’s wedding. As for now, it is all about plural family dysfunction. If the ratings stay up, that will most likely give fans a Season 19.


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