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New Update: Janelle Brown Still Loves Kody, Christine Provoked Her To Leave?

Is Christine Brown to blame for Janelle and Kody’s marriage coming to an end? Turns out, this is something that many Sister Wives fans have strongly believed was a possibility. The way Christine acted toward Janelle and Kody during the Season 18 Premiere only made fans believe this even more. And, now, a source close to the family is spilling the tea. Janelle Brown reportedly still loves her husband and it was Christine who pressured her to leave.

What exactly did this inside source have to say? Keep reading for the shocking details.

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Janelle Brown Still Loves Kody, Christine Provoked Her To Leave?

During the Season 18 Premiere of Sister Wives, Janelle Brown told fans she needed Kody to work things out with their children. Sadly, she could not make her marriage to Kody work if he just accepted being estranged from their children. A source close to the family, however, tells The Sun that fans don’t have the full story.


According to this source, the bridge between Janelle and Kody Brown has not burned to the ground. In fact, she would happily get back together with him. Janelle reportedly loves plural marriage and she loved the relationship she had with Kody.

As fans know, Kody and Janelle were friends. They had more of a friendship than a lovers’ relationship. Janelle was fine with this. She enjoyed Kody coming over once a week (or a few times a month) just to talk and grab a meal. Janelle didn’t want or need the intimate side of marriage.

Janelle was happy with her life with Kody when they were married. Their relationship has always been more on a friendship level – they have never really been physical. She would have been completely fine staying married to Kody and him coming over once a week.”


So, Why Did She Leave Him?

This presents fans with a very simple question: If Janelle Brown was so happy and content in her relationship with Kody, why did she leave? The same source goes on to tell The Sun that Christine is to blame for Janelle walking away from the marriage.

This source claims Janelle only walked away because Christine put all sorts of pressure on her to do so. Sadly, the source claims Janelle and Kody would still be together if Christine hadn’t pulled some serious strings.

Unfortunately, this goes back to what Mykelti Padron said in defense of her father. Mykelti claimed that Kody was having a hard time with Janelle because Janelle was friends with his ex-wife (Christine). And, it created this environment where Kody couldn’t feel safe with Janelle because Christine was still in the picture.


Unsurprisingly, fans were thrilled when Janelle left Kody. So, they may not be very supportive of these two getting back together. Likewise, fans can only assume Christine would not be happy about it either.

Do you think Christine is to blame for Kody and Janelle splitting up? Does Janelle want to get back with Kody?

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