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New Update: Robyn Thrown Under the Bus on Season 18 EP2

Sister Wives rolled out with Robyn Brown trying to defend herself as she’s thrown under the bus several times on Season 18 of the TLC series. It seems like a couple of wives finally say the words that the fans said all along. They describe the starting point of the family’s failure back to when Robyn came on board. But that’s not all, the fourth wife defends herself against Kody Brown‘s statements as well.

Sister Wives' Robyn Brown will 'tell the truth' on show about Kody's exes  because she's 'sick to her stomach' over drama | The US Sun

Sister Wives: And the Award Goes to Robyn Brown

Social media is alive and kicking when it comes to Robyn Brown’s meltdown. All Robyn ever wanted out of this Sister Wives family was to sit on a porch with her co-wives in old age and watch her kids and grandkids play.

The drama Robyn Brown shared in that scene has Sister Wives fans suggesting that she should win a drama award. Robyn sees this as the end of their world. The family split has left her fighting depression and scared. This is what the fourth wife of Kody Brown offered as her insight into the implosion of this plural marriage.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown

Kody on the other hand, just keeps hating. He said he needs more time so he can hate Christine Brown. He sees her stepping off the family foundation as wrecking all they’ve built together. Papa Brown also says he never wants to see her again.

Robyn Oblivious – Sister Wives Nudge Her Under the Bus

Robyn Brown says she has no idea how this happened. The family that was so functional when she joined them is now in pieces. Not only did she never see this coming, but she also thought the Sister Wives family was perfect when she joined them.

Even Meri Brown chimed in on this comment. Not meaning any disrespect, she suggests either the family members are excellent actors, or she had blinders on not to see the problems.

Well, Christine Brown and Janelle Brown seemed happy to spell out what happened. Before wife number four came along, the family did things together much like any family would. But both these wives indicate that everything stopped when Robyn joined them.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown

So, maybe Robyn missed that somehow? It sure sounds like it as she continues to act as if she is oblivious to what the other ladies see. Not only did these two ladies share their thoughts but Kody did as well.

Sister Wives: Kody Only Protecting His Last Wife Standing?

From what Janelle and Christine said, it sounded like Robyn became a huge roadblock for their kids. As Janelle said this week on the show, her kids are expected to apologize to the youngest wife of Kody Browns.

But Robyn Brown pooh-poohs that. She says she only wants the boys to feel comfortable coming to the house. Janelle recalled a time when her son called their dad’s youngest wife and asked if they could have their father back.

A clip of upcoming Sister Wives episodes shows Janelle’s family around the table. One son said that as far as he’s concerned, Robyn can have him. Then he said that they are adults now and no longer need a father figure.

So, it seems safe to say that Robyn Brown feels the brunt of this plural marriage demise in more ways than one. On another note, she still won’t bring the Sister Wives cameras into her home for some reason.

This week’s episode has Meri Brown freezing while sitting outside Robyn’s house with her. Instead of inviting her in, where it is likely much warmer, she goes and gets one of Kody’s coats, so Meri can wrap up in it. The fans are also having a field day with this as well. Sister Wives returns with new episodes of Season 18 on Sunday nights at 10 pm on TLC.

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