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‘Sister Wives’ Christine Brown Giddy Over Janelle’s Troubles

Sister Wives is back and this season the wives are all separated and the end is near for all but one. However, Christine Brown left last season and she seems happier than ever. Sadly, it almost seems that she is almost giddy over the fact that one of her closest wives is struggling a lot in her marriage with Kody Brown.

Christine Brown from Sister Wives

Here is what Christine did that makes it look like she is happy over Janelle Brown’s struggles.

Christine Brown seems almost happy with Janelle’s troubles

A sneak peek of next week’s episode of Sister Wives is up, and it includes a personal conversation between Christine Brown and Janelle Brown at Janelle’s place. Christine was the first wife to leave Kody and she seemed happier than ever in the season premiere this past weekend. However, that doesn’t always come across well when talking to the wives who are still in a toxic relationship with Kody.

Christine Brown talking to Janelle Brown on Sister Wives / YouTube

Janelle Brown and Christine have a very close relationship. It is to the point where Janelle feels that everything feels normal when she is with Christine. However, with Kody, Robin, and even Meri around, things are troubling for her. In the sneak peek, Janelle spoke to Christine about her recent problems with Kody.

Janelle then began to talk about her struggles with her marriage to Kody. She talked about how Kody and Robyn had separated the family, and that it was hard to feel like they were one big family anymore. She then said that Kody was demanding respect from her kids, and that is when Christine started laughing about the situation.

Christine Brown likely more shocked than ‘giddy’ about Janelle’s problems

While Christine Brown laughing might have seemed out of line considering the discussion, it might have been misinterpreted. Christine and Janelle have always talked about how much they love each other. Christine wouldn’t openly laugh at Janelle in her face about the problems with her marriage.

The moment came when Janelle said, “He seems so set about the kids respecting him, and my kids are like, ‘What?’” She then said that he is worse than he was before about respect. This is what made Christine laugh. It clearly wasn’t her finding joy in Janelle’s problems. She simply seemed to be in shock and amusement that Kody was getting worse – even with his family falling apart.

Christine seems ready to put everything behind her. Janelle will soon follow, as will Meri. By the end, Kody will have only one wife remaining in Robyn. In the end, Christine just seems amused by the fact that Kody Brown keeps shooting himself in the foot.

What are your thoughts on Christine Brown and her attitude since leaving the Sister Wives family?


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