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Three Sister Wives Left “Monogamous” Kody Brown – What Were Their Reasons?

Three Sister Wives cast members, Meri, Janelle, and Christine Brown, all left their husband, Kody Brown, at different times for various reasons.

  •  Kody Brown’s breakups with Meri, Janelle, and Christine had valid reasons, including Meri’s catfish scandal and Christine feeling neglected due to Kody’s favoritism towards Robyn.
  •  Janelle broke up with Kody because she no longer cared for the marriage and felt he was manipulative.
  •  After years of feeling abandoned and rejected, Meri officially ended her relationship with Kody but remains respectful towards him compared to the other Sister Wives.

Christine, Janelle & Meri Brown Strip Ex-Husband Kody Of $6M

Sister Wives cast member Kody Brown’s break ups with Meri, Janelle, and Christine Brown have had various valid reasons. The 54-year-old Wyoming man’s journey began in 1990 when he married California native Meri. At the time, he had a monogamous relationship with her, lasting two years. In 1993, Kody found Utah native Janelle and embraced polygamy. He liked his new lifestyle so much that he found another partner, Christine, building a family of four by 1994. Kody and his three wives had a stable polygamous life, which helped them get their own show.

In 2010, Kody finally decided to add another partner into the mix and tied the knot with Robyn Brown. Not long after that, Meri agreed to divorce Kody, so he could make Robyn his legal wife and adopt her kids. While Meri made a big sacrifice, her relationship with Kody changed forever in 2015 after she fell for an online catfish. This change in dynamic also affected other Sister Wives cast members, leading them to wonder if they had a future with the Brown family patriarch. A few years ago, Kody became more distant from all his wives except Robyn.

Christine Brown Wanted More Than Kody Could Ever Give Her

Christine Brown and Kody Brown from Sister Wives looking troubled in two separate pics

Kody first split from Christine in 2021. The 51-year-old woman had her doubts about her beau for a long time. However, she realized they needed to break up when Kody didn’t attend their daughter’s scoliosis surgery. Sometime in 2020, Christine revealed how her daughters didn’t respect their dad as he favored some family members over others. In the latest Sister Wives preview, the Utah woman admitted that partiality was why she ended the relationship. She said, “I could see he had favorites,” implying that her husband was too into Robyn to care for anyone else.

Janelle Brown Thought Kody Wanted Her To Leave Him

Janelle Brown from Sister Wives, looking serious

Janelle fully supported her fellow sister wife, Christine, in breaking up with Kody. Her behavior hinted that she was also ready to split up, especially due to Kody’s behavior toward her family during COVID-19. In 2022, Janelle finally said goodbye to her husband. During the Sister Wives season 17 Tell All, the Utah native hinted the primary reason for her breakup was lack of love. She said she “didn’t care” for the marriage anymore. The Sister Wives season 18 trailer highlights that Janelle also felt her former husband was sly. She said,” I think you’re manipulating,” while arguing with Kody.

Meri Brown Got Sick Of Being Rejected

Meri Brown montage from sister wives

Recently, Meri officially ended her “spiritual” relationship with Kody, leaving him in a monogamous marriage with Robyn. The 52-year-old reality star and her husband of thirty years have had major marital problems since the catfish scandal. Despite that, the two tried to latch onto whatever they had and continued a hollowed relationship. In 2023, Meri finally revealed that things were over between her and Kody. She released a statement that read, “We have made the decision to permanently terminate our marriage relationship.” While Meri felt abandoned and rejected in her non-sexual relationship with Kody for years, she does seem more respectful toward him than other members of the Sister Wives cast.

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