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‘Sister Wives’ Fan Reveals Truth About Christine Brown’s Fiance!

Sister Wives fans don’t really know all that much about Christine Brown’s fiance, David Woolley but recently, someone dished some truths about him on social media. Most of what people do know either came from his daughter, Kati Charlene, from Christine, or from himself. Obviously, TLC fans want to know that the reality TV star is marrying a nice guy. Did the tea reveal that she might be making a mistake? Read on to find out.

Sister Wives TLC Christine Brown David Woolley Instagram

Sister Wives Star Christine Brown Seemed to Rush Into David Woolley’s Arms

Fans who watched Season 17 saw the ugly side of Kody Brown emerge as he and Christine battled their way through the last days of their marriage. In fact, Season 18 will explore that a bit more. Meanwhile, the timeline between the show airing and the announcement that Christine got engaged to David, made it all seem very rushed. Probably, in real life, it spread out over more time than is evident. But one thing that concerned fans, is the speed at which she hooked up with another man.

TLC Sister Wives David Woolley Christine Brown Instagram
Image Credit; David Woolley Instagram

Sister Wives fans heard that before the summer is out, Christine and David intend to tie the knot. When photos emerged of David, Truely, Aspyn, Mitch, Ysabel, Mykelti, and their mom in the UK, some fans assumed they got married there. However, it seems that’s not the case, and they all enjoyed a fun vacation together. Whilst in the UK, a fan of the show ended up as part of their tour group, and now, some feedback on David Woolley arrived, to the delight of TLC fans.

Sister Wives Family Seen In The Wild

On August 8, a post put up by u/StainedGlasser arrived on Reddit and it gave an in-depth insight into David Woolley. So far, he’s been very successful at not being caught out in the wild. Fortunately, the person who saw him with Christine kept her distance, gave them space, and quietly observed. So, did they discover a bag of maggoty things? Is David as sweet as his future wife claims? Well, the happy news is that he seems to be every bit as kind and charming as Christine said on her social media. In fact, it turns out that “David’s a very sweet man.”

TLC Sister Wives Christine Brown David Woolley Reddit
Image Credit: Reddit

Imagine going on tour to Ireland and the UK and ending up in the same group as the Sister Wives stars! Then, imagine not approaching them. That says something about the mom of the Redditor who came across them. The best part is that David seems to be very good with the kids. Every fan of the TLC show knows that Kody fell short in the fatherly department, so it seems like his former third wife found herself a real gem.

TLC Fans React In The Comments

Sister Wives fans sent a lot of kudos the way of the discreet mom. Naturally, they also spoke about David Woolley and the fact that he seems to be a nice guy. People care a lot about Christine Brown and they’d hate to see her make a mistake.

One of the people in the discussion wrote, “This is a fantastic update of Christine and Fam in the Wild! So polite of your mom to let them have their own family trip – and so great for all of us for this insight.” 

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