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After Years Of Scheming And Planning Robyn’s Goals Are Realized…And She Doesn’t Like It.

In a Sister Wives shocker, Robyn Brown has surfaced on the Internet and she appears to be hustling for some quick and easy cash. As fans who follow the TLC series know, Robyn Brown is a bit of a ghost when it comes to the Internet.

Robyn Brown - Sister Wives - TLC

While her husband Kody Brown isn’t too far behind her, he does do the occasional cameo when customers come along. Likewise, Kody also uses his Instagram to issue official statements and to promote his Cameo profile.

Turns out, Robyn Brown recently pumped some life into her My Sisterwife’s Closet business. A business that most fans had assumed was completely dead in the water.

Robyn Brown/YouTube
[Credit: YouTube]

According to a YouTuber named Backwoods Barbi, it wasn’t the fact that My Sisterwife’s Closet had some new products for sale that was the real shocker. There was something else about this unexpected update that has fans in a frenzy. It was the price tags.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Pushes New Product For Over $500

When sorting the product on My Sisterwife’s Closet by “newest,” fans of the TLC series will quickly learn there are new items in the shop that are not “sold out.” These new items, however, have some shockingly high price tags. This includes one item that Robyn Brown is trying to get someone to buy for over $500.

On her website, she has a “STERLING SILVER AND 14K YELLOW GOLD CLADDAGH RING” listed for just over $550. The listing reads: “This beautiful gold and sterling silver Claddagh ring was a labor of love.  This design features detailed hands actually holding the heart.” 

Robyn Brown Instagram
Photo Credit: @robyn_browns_nest Instagram

Unfortunately, her listing does specify that these hefty price tags do NOT come with a quick turnaround time as her customers should expect a processing window of 14 days. So, after dropping $550 on a ring, it could be weeks before her customer actually receives the ring.

More recently, Robyn Brown also listed a sterling silver double-sided dog tag with the word “adore” written on it for $112.49. The dog tag does not have the same disclaimer claiming it will take two weeks to process the order.

Check out the YouTube video below where Backwoods Barbi takes a closer look at the expensive products Robyn Brown is pushing on her website:

Fans React To This Shocking Update

In the comments on this YouTube video, individuals claiming to be jewelry experts noted the prices on these pieces were “way out of line.” One individual also admitted they wouldn’t take jewelry from Robyn if it was free. Other Sister Wives fans chimed in to add the jewelry looked cheap and poorly made.

Overall, fans weren’t too impressed with the new selection of products on the website. Moreover, they thought the prices were just insulting. Fans also admitted they had serious questions about the sold-out products as they weren’t believing anyone purchased things from this website.

Robyn Brown Sister Wives YouTube TLC

Do you think Robyn Brown needs money? What are your thoughts on those hefty price tags?

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