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Sister Wives: Is Kody Brown ‘Ashamed’ Of Leaving Polygamy?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown has entered into the alien territory, which is monogamy! He never thought that, over the years, he would actually end up with just one wife! Apparently, the celeb started off as a proud polygamist and used to flaunt his four wives! Men used to gush over him and wondered how he was handling four spouses at a time while they couldn’t deal with one. Hence, within a few years, being in a plural marriage became a source of pride for him. However, as per the current scenario, fans have started to feel that Kody became too ashamed of leaving polygamy and perhaps has his own reasons for it! What are they?

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Sister Wives: Kody Brown Is Ashamed Of Leaving Polygamy? But Why?

Kody Brown and Robyn are trying their best to adjust to the new dynamics. For decades, they had the Sister Wives with them, and suddenly after three consecutive divorces, things have completely changed. Initially, fans felt that when Brown would become a monogamous husband and would carry on his life like that. But soon, several reports claimed that Kody was searching for new potential wives and was even rejected by two of them. This made the viewers wonder why he wasn’t giving up on the idea of plural marriage, or was he perhaps “ashamed” of leaving it?

Kody is a part of the Apostolic United Brethren and a Mormon. As per the reports, this sect believes plural marriage is a gateway to heaven. Apparently, that was the reason why Meri didn’t want to part ways in the first place. Kody even stated in the past, “Plural marriage is a higher call.” So it is evident that after following the norms and culture of his sect for decades, it would be really hard for him to leave his mindset. Moreover, the Sister Wives celeb himself comes from a polygamous family and perhaps has the responsibility on his shoulders to carry on the legacy! Hence, these two could be significant reasons why he would possibly be ashamed of leaving his plural marriage lifestyle.

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Sister Wives: Kody Brown Won’t Leave Polygamy For TLC’s Paycheck?

TLC personality Kody Brown became famous just because of his polygamous lifestyle. The network offered his family the show Sister Wives and all of them came into the limelight. So it is evident that the celeb is now used to the network’s paycheck and relies heavily on them. Hence, fans have started to feel that Kody would perhaps bring in new wives just to keep his family show going and let money come in. On the other hand, he also believes in “multiplying.” He has revealed in the past that the “gospel” tells his family to “flourish.” So, there is a fair chance that even after having 18 kids, Kody would want to have more with new wives!

Above everything, fans feel that Kody would perhaps try to fulfill Robyn’s will to sit with her Sister Wives on the porch with their grandkids playing around. In the recent trailer, the latter was crying her heart out because her dream couldn’t be fulfilled. Hence, Kody might be ashamed that he wasn’t able to make his favorite wife’s wish come true. So there is a possibility that he would think of adding more wives for the sake of Robyn this time!


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