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General Hospital Spoilers: Jordan Ashford’s Life Takes A Romantic Turn, New Partner Revealed

Deputy Mayor Jordan Ashford has gone through a lot of upheavals in her personal life. Thankfully, the latest General Hospital spoilers hint at a new romantic beginning for her. But who is this man of interest? Is Curtis back in the picture, has Zeke returned, or is it someone entirely new? Well, we have all you need to know! So dive right in to find out!

General Hospital Spoilers- Jordan Ashford

Jordan Chooses To Focus On Her Professional Life

Well, taking a swift look back at Jordan Ashford’s recent history, one can easily say that her love life has basically been non-existent for a painfully long time. After Curtis and Portia momentarily fell apart when Trina’s paternity secret was revealed, Jordan and he rekindled their past romance for half a heartbeat. But General Hospital spoilers say that soon after, Curtis decided to give his marriage with Portia another chance.

General Hospital Spoilers -Jordan -Zeke
GH/ Zeke and Jordan fizzle out as fast as they started sizzling

A heartbroken but determined Jordan then decided to swear off Curtis and not wait on him. Subsequently, she had a hot, torrid affair with Portia’s brother Zeke. In fact, fans absolutely loved the pairing and their chemistry. However, Zeke fell off the screen, and General Hospital spoilers confirm that he is not returning to Port Charles, or GH, for that matter, anytime soon.

Thus, it is understandable that Jordan decided to focus on her professional career and put matters of her heart behind her. But it seems that life, or let’s say, Soap Gods, has something else in mind for her moving forward.

General Hospital Spoilers: Sparks Fly Between Jordan And Sonny’s Associate – Brick

For the unversed, Brick is a very important member of Sonny’s organization. He works as the mobster’s surveillance expert and keeps resurfacing on the soap every time Sonny needs his help. However, General Hospital spoilers tease that the man now has yet another reason to surface, and that has nothing to do with the mob kingpin! Although both – Jordan and Brick- work on opposite sides of the legal line, we all know those lines blur from time to time. You know, the whole, I scratch your back, you scratch mine thing between the law and the mob!

General Hospital Spoilers - Jordan -Brick
GH/ Sparks fly between Jordan and Brick

General Hospital spoilers say that Jordan is currently resolute in solving the Metro Court shooting case. And for that she needs intel that Brick could help her with. The two recently met up to discuss the aforementioned, and as many fans noticed – sparks were flying left, right, and center between the two of them. In fact, Brick even asked for Jordan’s phone number. Presumably for matters other than work.

In the upcoming episodes, Jordan is sure to tap into Brick for more help, according to General Hospital spoilers. Which means more screen time together and, of course, more sparks! Moreover, considering the opposite side of the line they work for, what would be a soapier mess than them creating steam under the sheets? The law enforcer and the mobster love story! Gold, always! We are certainly rallying behind this pairing. What about? Tell us in the comments.

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