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Proof OG Brown Kids Were Not The Problem With Robyn’s Kids?

Sister Wives fans can’t believe that the OG Brown kids hated Robyn Brown’s three children, Breanna, Aurora, and Dayton, and now it seems that proof came along that they were not the problem with alleged alienation. Remember, Aurora claimed that they just never bonded before she twinned with her mom and broke down weeping

Sister Wives Robyn Brown kids

OG Brown Kids Estrangement From Breanna, Aurora, & Dayton

In Sister Wives Season 18, there was a big drama over the Christmas gift exchange. And somehow, Robyn made it all about herself and her kids. Actually, the rest of the family seemed shocked. After all, there were tears and drama over how they allegedly didn’t try and bond with her children by David Jessop. In fact, TLC fans believe that was the point where Garrison cut her out of his life completely.

Breanna Brown Cries Over Estrangement From OG Brown Kids - TLC
Breanna Brown Cries Over Estrangement From OG Brown Kids – TLC

Robyn blamed all the OG Brown kids for alienating her children. However, Breanna claimed she couldn’t be friends with Savanah because of “covid rules” and different interpretations. That’s odd, because at school, surely they all fell under the same rules. So, it seemed that she distanced herself from Savanah, not the other way around. Actually, many TLC fans thought the scene of Breanna crying looked fake and contrived.

David Woolley’s Kids & Grandbabies Bond With Kody’s Kids

On Reddit, a post arrived that was a screenshot from the wedding special preview on Sister Wives. The TLC fan shared the picture that showed a massive group of people. In the caption, the OP noted:

Mega David/Christine Family photo…Took a screen shot for the preview. All of the OG kids and partners and grand kids took a photo with David’s kids/partners and grand kids! ❤️

Sister Wives - Brown Kids Pose Together With David Woolley's family - TLC Via Reddit
Sister Wives – Brown Kids Pose Together With David Woolley’s Family – TLC Via Reddit

In the discussion that followed, some TLC fans broached the idea that it proved the OG3 Brown kids seemed unlikely to be the type of people to deliberately alienate Robyn’s children.

  • It seems Christine and Janelle’s kids are/have bonded with David’s family. Apparently, the OG kids weren’t the problem in bonding with Sobyn’s kids.
  • Robyn was the problem with them bonding. She hurts her own kids so she can be the victim.
  • Interesting that the OG13 can bond with an entire much larger family but not Robyn’s 3 kids at the time, I wonder if her othering her kids from the start had an impact on the bonding and integration.
  • Sobyn kept her kids separate from the beginning. I bet the time the most time Sobyn allowed her kids to be around the OG13 was when they were filming for the show. And Robyn even had “help” on some of those trips…If Sobyn’s kids aren’t close with the OG13, it’s not because the OG13 kids haven’t tried.

Whether Robyn Brown and her kids like it or not, it seems that the OG Brown kids are certainly good at being with other kids. Do you find it strange that they couldn’t manage to bond with three children from Robyn’s first marriage, but bonded with an entire tribe easily?

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