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General Hospital: A Blast From The Past Returns At Bobbie’s Memorial In An Unexpected Role

If there is anything the General Hospital fanbase is talking about besides Jason’s return, it is Bobbie’s memorial. The January 10, 2024, episode kicked off the tear-jerker ceremony in Port Charles. The memorial service plays a twofold role in also paying tribute to the Late Jacklyn Zeman. She played Bobbie for over 45 years. And that’s a huge milestone! Apart from the memorial, the episode also featured some throwback clips of Bobbie’s journey through the decades on the long-running soap.

The tribute to Bobbie and Jacklyn will also spill into the January 11, 2024 episode of General Hospital. Fans will see Maxie discuss Bobbie’s memories with a reporter. And, pace yourselves, the reporter is being portrayed by actress Brighton Hertford. Longtime fans will remember that Brighton previously portrayed the role of Barbara Jean, a.k.a. B J! She was Bobbie and Tony’s adopted daughter on the ABC sudser. In fact, she has already made her appearance in the previous episode.

General Hospital
GH/ A reporter shows up at Bobbie’s memorial

Maxie noticed a woman at the church who looked unfamiliar to her on General Hospital. Upon approaching, the reporter tells Maxie that Bobbie was helping girls who had become victims of human trafficking. That’s why she had arrived in town to do a story on her. The January 11, 2024, episode will bring in more details about what exactly Bobbie was doing. Furthermore, fans can expect some more tears as the cast and characters mourn the loss of Jacklyn and Bobbie, respectively.

While this episode will mark the end of the memorial, it will propel General Hospital into a new adventure. Spoilers indicate that Carly and Felecia will embark on a journey to Amsterdam to finish something Bobbie started. Thus, there is a chance that it could have something to do with the updates the reporter has brought to PC. So watch out for an exciting quest coming next on GH led by Bobbie’s daughter and long-time friend.

General Hospital
GH/ Carly and Felecia set off to Amsterdam

Do you think this quest will also uncover some other details? Perhaps something to do with Luke? Tell us in the comments.


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