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‘DO BETTER’ Sister Wives Fans Rip Kody & Wife Robyn For Allowing Daughter Ariella, 7, To Still Use Pacifier In ‘Bad’ Parenting Move!

KODY Brown and his wife Robyn have been slammed online after fans saw their seven-year-old daughter using a pacifier. On the most recent episode of Sister Wives, the Brown family was shown celebrating Christmas. Kody, 54, and Robyn, 44, spent the holiday at their house with all of their children and Kody’s first wife Meri Brown, 52.

Fans on X have grown concerned for Ariella because of the prolonged use of a pacifier

The TLC camera crew was filming the kids as they unwrapped and discovered their presents. The kids’ major present was a set of motorbikes so they could enjoy their large property called Coyote Pass. Robyn wasn’t thrilled with the idea of her children riding around on “dangerous” motor vehicles, but the children seemed excited to try them out.

In the background of one of the clips from Christmas, fans spotted the couple’s youngest child – Ariella. She was wearing a dark pink onesie while carrying a stuffed animal. Fans also noticed that she was using a pacifier.

Robyn has three older children from her first marriage to David Jessop: Dayton, 23, Aurora, 20, and Breanna, 18. She and Kody share two children – Solomon, 11, and Ariella.


Fans on X, formerly known as Twitter, expressed sincere concern for the child who shouldn’t be using a pacifier, according to fans.

One said: “That little girl has a speech impediment due to dental issues from pacifier overuse. Do better Robyn and Kody.”

Another said: “Ok.. why does Robyn and Kody’s 7-year-old daughter have a pacifier sticking out her face?!?!?”

A third said: “The dental work that kid is gonna need after sucking a pacifier for 6 years now. And who’s gonna pay for it now that Jenelle is gone?”

Someone said: “Am I the only one who thinks it’s odd to give a motorbike to a kid who’s still using a pacifier?”

A fifth said: “I’ve been trying to ignore this elementary school child using a pacifier bc they didn’t consent to be filmed but wtf is going on here???”


A few months ago, The U.S. Sun revealed that Kody doesn’t have a relationship with his and Meri’s child. It was revealed that Leon’s relationship with their father is nonexistent following the reality star’s gender-affirming surgery. A family insider claimed that Kody “does not support Leon’s transition at all.”

They continued: “He’s actually disgusted by it, as terrible as that is.”

Meri and Kody’s child Leon, 28, came out as transgender in June 2022, and they use they/them pronouns. The insider said: “Kody is telling close friends, ‘This is a new person. I don’t know who this person is, but this is not the little girl that I raised.’

“They don’t have a relationship anymore, and because of it, it has affected his relationship with Meri. 100 percent.”

Meri is “standing by” her child’s side, regardless of what Kody said.

The source concluded: “Leon is her only child, and she wasn’t going to disown them.

“She will pick Leon over Kody every day.”



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