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SHOCKING NEWS: Kody Threw Robyn Under The Bus! What Happened?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown didn’t do Robyn Brown any favors, according to fans. By addressing their problems in public, he helped create the target she seems to be today.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Started the Ball Rolling

Kody Brown admits he knows what many Sister Wives fans think about Robyn. Even she knows what they call her. Robyn said during one of her interviews that she’s considered a “homewrecker” by fans.

So, the fact that fans blame Robyn Brown for a lot of the discord in the family didn’t escape her.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown - Kody Brown

But instead of playing it down a bit when it comes to his fourth wife, he picks the public venue of the show to fuel those thoughts.

TLC’s Robyn Brown a Sitting Duck?

Over the last few seasons of Sister Wives, Kody put Robyn on such a pedestal that it seemed to even make her feel uncomfortable. One of the more memorable scenes happened at the property they call Coyote Pass.

When Coyote Pass was new to them, Kody took his brides there. They parked along the side of the road and walked the land.

Then came a discussion about who gets what parcel to build on. It seemed Meri Brown changed her mind about the plot she wanted.

Kody Brown became mad. So, in an attempt to defuse the situation, Robyn said she didn’t care what building lot she had. Then the famous scene surfaced where the father of 18 yelled at his youngest wife. But at the same time, he defended her from the other wives.

Kody said that she was already getting “everybody else’s table scraps.” He then asks wife number four if she thinks that is fair. He told her to stop sticking up for Meri.

He sounded as if he thought Meri was doing this to her. But Robyn said she didn’t want to fight with Meri or have Kody fight with her either.

So, a flood of bashing aimed at Robyn began. Sister Wives fans reminded her that Meri divorced their shared husband so she could be legally married and adopt her kids.

This protected her kids and kept them in the family if anything ever happened to her. But the nasty comments still go on today for anything the fans can dig up.

Sister Wives' Critics Shame Kody & Robyn Brown Over Their 7-Year-Old's  'Horrifying' Habit |

Sister Wives: Is Robyn a Target Thanks to Kody?

The protective mode that Kody seems to have for Robyn only, caused a lot of backlash for the youngest wife. So, did the Sister Wives patriarch help make her a target of fans?

But his other wives seem to observe their hubby showing a specialized treatment as well to her. Christine vocalized this more recently. Last season she said her marriage is dysfunctional. But pointed out that her co-wife’s marriage is not.

Over the last few seasons, Kody made it public knowledge that nothing goes on in the bedroom with a couple of his wives. Both Meri Brown and Christine Brown he named as the women he no longer shares intimacy with. Both ladies backed that up during separate Sister Wives interviews.

So, what Kody said put Robyn Brown as the wife who gets it all. This is the way fans see her as well. She has Kody all to herself. But this is not because Robyn disclosed all this info. No, it’s because he did.

So, Kody threw Robyn Brown under the bus so to speak and the other wives backed over her. They spoke about being neglected by the husband they share. But it was also pointed out that Robyn Brown pretty much has all Kody Brown’s time these days.


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