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Sister Wives: Kody Shamed over Janelle’s Cramped Living Conditions

Sister Wives star Kody Brown visited with Janelle Brown on last week’s episode and the cramped space this wife calls home didn’t slip by the viewers of this TLC series. Some thought Kody might have tried to save face after realizing how his second wife was living. Especially since he and Robyn Brown occupy a home with rooms that just ramble on and on.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Notices Janelle Brown Tight on Space

Janelle Brown told Kody Brown that the kids secured a rental home in Flagstaff for the holidays. After getting a good look around her apartment it became apparent to Sister Wives viewers that she had no other choice.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown | TLC

Still, Kody and Robyn Brown likely have enough room for all 18 of his kids if he chooses to invite them. But it looks like that won’t happen. Janelle’s apartment is so full of stuff that it appears there’s not even enough room for people to stand side-by-side.

Janelle Brown told the Sister Wives patriarch that Hunter was going to stay with her. But Kody Brown looked around as if he was wondering where she could put him.

Janelle Took One on the Chin for the Family?

Sister Wives viewers say they are sad to see Janelle living among stacked storage boxes. Her worries over paying off Coyote Pass, come first. For that reason, she didn’t go into a high-end home like Kody and Robyn. She took a small rental instead.

So, to save the family’s finances Janelle hunkered down for the winter in a very tiny place. But no one else did. Things were so cramped that Kody knocked stuff over when he tried to put a cup on the kitchen counter.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown - Kody Brown | TLC

It didn’t slip by the fans that during his alone time on the camera, he mentioned Janelle Brown. He declared that he gave Janelle the same option as he and Robyn had.

She could have bought a house but instead settled on the small apartment. But what the Sister Wives patriarch left out is that Janelle did this for the sake of the family’s finances. Which is something that didn’t seem to worry Kody and Robyn Brown enough to stop them from buying a luxurious and spacious home.

Sister Wives: Fans Pull Kody Apart

Viewers were furious at what they witnessed in Janelle’s apartment on Sunday night’s show. But before Kody even started to fight with wife number two, fans became enraged over the tiny space Janelle Brown calls home.

Kody first sits down in a corner when he arrives, and he’s surrounded by stuff. There are boxes, dishes, and well, all kinds of stuff. But he showed no shame in having a woman he’s been married to for almost three decades living in such tight quarters. As well as his teenage daughter.

Sister Wives fans suggest that it must have dawned on the father of 18 that he looked like an ogre coming from his castle. So, he made all kinds of excuses as to why Janelle Brown was there.

He explained why she was not in a home comparable to the house that he shares with his fourth wife. But it didn’t hold water for the fans of the show. Some became so disgusted that they could not see another season happening with Kody being part of it.

Fans are fed up with this man who many call “selfish” and a “narcissist”. Instead, they want to see the original three wives start their new lives on a TLC series dedicated to their future after Kody Brown.


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