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RAGES!!! Kody Brown Rages In Ariella’s Face & Spanks Her Butt In Public?

Kody Brown was spotted in public allegedly raging at his daughter Ariella before popping her on the backside. What did Ariella do that had her father so upset with her? Keep reading for a Sister Wives fan’s recount of what happened.

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Kody Brown Rages In Ariella’s Face, Spanks Her Butt In Public

A fan of TLC’s Sister Wives reached out to Katie Joy of Without A Crystal Ball and reported seeing Kody Brown, his wife Robyn, and all five of their children in public recently. According to the Sister Wives fan, it appeared as if Dayton was responsible for watching Ariella while Robyn and Kody walked around the museum they were visiting. Dayton engaged in friendly small talk with the fan. And, Ariella even said hello and talked to the baby the woman had with her.

Kody Brown reportedly became enraged when he noticed Ariella talking to a group of strangers and their baby. He proceeded to charge over to Ariella and get in her face before raging at her. The source tells Without A Crystal Ball she tried to tell Kody it wasn’t a huge deal that the young girl interacted with her baby. But, Kody wasn’t interested in hearing it.

He allegedly got in Ariella’s face and told her not to touch the baby & to stay out of the baby’s face. The woman said she told Kody it was fine & that Ariella hadn’t touched the baby or been in their face.

Kody Brown reportedly pulled Ariella away from the situation. And, he allegedly spanked her on the butt later on to keep her from saying hi to the woman and the baby.

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Robyn Brown was reportedly with Kody the entire time. She, however, did not engage with the woman at any point in time. In fact, she was described as being both “rude” and “sullen” as she kept to herself and followed Kody.

The fan recalled: “She apparently wouldn’t even look at the woman, didn’t say hi, and stayed close to Kody. Robyn also didn’t interact with her kids and the older kids were forced to watch the younger ones.”

Check out Katie Joy’s full report on the encounter down below:

In response to the report, Sister Wives fans thought it was a bit sad that taking care of the younger children became Dayton’s responsibility.

What do you think of the way Kody Brown handled this situation?


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