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Sister Wives: Meri Brown Admits Fueling the Rumors!

Sister Wives star Meri Brown isn’t innocent when it comes to the rumors swirling around online about a new man in her life. That headline pops up often, and she’s not necessarily pictured with the same man. But now we learn that Meri did do something to fuel this a while back.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown | Instagram

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Fed Up with Rumors?

Meri Brown said several times throughout the years that the rumors aggravate her. On a recent Friday with Friends, the online show that she does with her best friend Jenn Sullivan, she mentioned this. The two of them sarcastically mentioned how people think they know Meri a lot more than they do.

Sister Wives; Kody Brown - Meri Brown
Sister Wives | Reddit

But the viewers only see Meri Brown for a very short period of time on the screen. More than a decade of Sister Wives seasons aired. But realistically, it’s just little snippets of her life that play out on the screen. So, the viewers cannot possibly know all there is to know about this Sister Wives celeb.

While they joked about this, she tried to make some serious points about what she reads about herself in headlines. One of the most frequent of all rumors is that this now estranged wife found a new love interest. And from what she said in real-time, that’s just not true. But… she not only didn’t do anything to stop it, she also fueled that rumor.

Meri Tells It Like It Is

Meri Brown is adamant that she is not dating. This didn’t come from a Sister Wives scene this season, which was filmed almost two years ago. No, she shared this in real-time online.

But pictures of her posing with random men show up on her posts. Some of these photos show her cuddling up to the unknown guy. So, this offers fuel for these rumors, which Meri usually doesn’t address.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Blair Struble | Instagram
Sister Wives | Instagram

One man, pictured above, shows up with Meri Brown often in this Sister Wives celebrity’s posts. His name is Blair Struble and a very close friend of hers. They travel together and despite being so very close, there’s no romance here. But the reason people might think there’s more to these two than just being friends could come from something Meri said. She came clean with her part in this during her online show.

Sister Wives: Keeping the Rumor Going

From all that Meri says about her friend Blair, he sounds like a fantastic guy who she adores. But Blair is married and not on the prowl for a romance. He is married to a man, so it’s likely safe to say that Meri isn’t even his type.

But during one of their travels, a man recognized Meri Brown from the Sister Wives show. He came over to her and Blair and asked Meri if this was her new boyfriend. She said he thought he was being sarcastic and answered the guy with a “yes.” She told this fan that Blair was her new boyfriend.

So, while Meri Brown doesn’t seem to like the rumor mill, she certainly gave it more fuel with that answer. Maybe while Meri says she doesn’t like the rumors, she recognizes its still publicity. So, there you have it, this Sister Wives star didn’t deny the rumor. Instead, this TLC celeb gave it more fuel.

Sister Wives Season 18 continues on Sunday night at 10 p.m. on TLC.


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